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Interior of William Ryan Homes - Lyra Model

20 October . 2021

Top Design Trends Through the Years

Interior Design & Furniture Styles by the Decade

Just like with fashion trends, interior design is constantly changing and evolving with the times. Although popular design trends tend to resurface over the years, modern interior design continues to shift and be influenced by a number of factors including pop culture, technological advancements, cultural changes, and more. Here are some of the top design trends through the years that defined the decades:

Interior design in the 1950’s was heavily influenced by the post-World War II era. With this decade came futuristic themes, Scandinavian-inspired furniture and colors, clean lines, pastel hues, wallpaper-galore, and more. A classic 1950’s design trend was pastel colored cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms in tandem with dark decorations and accessories to add depth and visual appeal. A staple 1950’s look was the color pink, which was popularized by first lady Mamie Eisenhower, who integrated this color throughout the White House as she added her own feminine flair to make the presidential mansion feel more like a home.

Another iconic decade of design was the 1960’s which ditched the muted pastel color palette from the 1950’s and introduced bright, vibrant colors and funky designs. Futuristic designs were the craze along with wood paneling, shag carpets, mod shapes, unique lamps, and simple furniture. The inspiration for this decade of design can be directly linked back to the space race and pop art, particularly the work of Andy Warhol.

1970’s interior design can be defined by one word: groovy. Bright colors continued to be a popular theme with mustard yellow becoming a staple color that made appearances in practically every room of the house. Psychedelic design was inspired by the hippie movement and big, bold prints, especially in wallpapers, became a major hit. Designers in the 70’s played heavily with contrasting patterns and colors which was a popular trend during this maximalist and eclectic era. This decade of design’s impact can still be seen today, particularly in the mid-century modern homes located in sunny Palm Springs, California.

Bold pops of colors continued to be a trend through the years and this held true well into the 1980’s. However, pastel colors did make a comeback, particularly dusty blue and mauve, in order to tone down the rather loud and over-the-top nature of 80’s design. Chintz and bold-geometric patterns became a staple in design and the idea of the open-kitchen concept was introduced to help create a more seamless flow throughout a home.

1990’s design shifted away from the over-the-top look of years past and moved toward a more natural look. Neutral colors became a standard in a home’s color palette as design evolved into a minimalist era. Knotty pine wood, whether in the kitchen cabinets or in furniture, became a popular staple during the 90’s. Aside from natural cabinetry, white cabinets became a hot trend which is still popular today. Brass features, including faucets, lights, and towel racks took over the interior design scene. Thanks to the internet boom in the late 1990’s, telecommuting became a viable option for work which brought in the introduction of the home office space.

Environmentally-friendly designs and furnishings became more common and sought after in the 2000’s, which has remained a common trend through the years. Green appliances became hot on the market and interior designers strived to bring in as much natural light as possible into a space, creating larger windows and popularizing floor-to-ceiling windows. White cabinets with contrasting dark countertops and sleek stainless steel appliances became the image of a dream kitchen for many homeowners. However, Tuscan style also became the 2000’s rising star as living rooms and kitchens added darker finishes, limestone, intricate iron detailing, marble flooring, and lots of brown.

This decade saw a variety of popular interior design styles -- from mid-century modern, industrial chic, minimalist, eclectic, and more. Cooler tones, such as blue and grey, gained popularity and the classic all-white kitchen became the definition of trendy within the interior design world. A soothing hunter green and Millennial took over the scene and continues to be a fun and unexpected accent color trend through the years.

Interior design gives individuals the ability to have fun with their space and turn a house into a home. Although interior design continues to shift and evolve over time, the popular trends through the years resurface to bring back a sense of nostalgia and a vintage feel. The current decade features a mix of old styles with a modern twist -- giving homeowners the perfect opportunity to experiment with design. The possibilities are endless!

With the large diversity of homes in Estrella, we’re eager to see the variety of different interior design styles throughout the community, so share them with us at @estrellaazlife! You never know who you’ll inspire, or if you’ll be inspired!