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Aerial shot of South Lake

15 October . 2020

How to Live a Resort Lifestyle

Resort Style Living in Estrella

What is resort-style living? The meaning will vary from person to person, but recent trends indicate more people see time as the ultimate luxury. The only question is how and where you choose to spend it. For many, time is a new wealth, and more people prefer to spend quality time with family and friends through shared experiences. That’s why so many people are choosing to make their home in the Estrella master-planned community in Goodyear, Arizona. The resort lifestyle in Estrella is more accessible than ever, offering a multitude of options for spending quality time with family and friends.

There are many resort lifestyle amenities available to community members in Estrella. For instance, Estrella boasts over 40 community and neighborhood parks—including Bougainvillea Park, North Lake, and South Lake Park—providing places to play and meet with friends. More than 50 miles of paths and trails make for an active life—whether you’re into hiking and mountain biking, or calming strolls. There are also 72 acres of lakes with complimentary use of a variety of watercraft for residents, three splashy residents clubs, and the breathtaking Star Tower, just for starters.

For others, the idea of living a resort lifestyle must include golf. Happily, living in Estrella means you’re ready to tee up on one of the state’s greatest golf courses. The Golf Club of Estrella is a par-72, 18-hole championship golf course designed by award-winning Nicklaus Design that checks all the boxes for the best of what resort-style living has to offer. All of these amenities and more are integral parts of what makes living in Estrella feel so luxurious.

How to Live a Resort Lifestyle at Home

Living a resort lifestyle is about elevating the ordinary. Remember, happiness is a state of mind, and not tied to your bank balance. There are plenty of small and relatively affordable items that can help create the feeling of a resort lifestyle on a budget. For instance, you can easily recreate the feeling of a spa day. Pour yourself a nice glass of wine, light a few candles, put on a face mask and cue up your favorite relaxing playlist, and slip into a warm bath. Add some aromatherapy oils or a bath bomb, and you can treat yourself to a luxurious-feeling spa day at home at a fraction of the cost.

In fact, anything can feel like resort-style living when you take the time to consciously enjoy it, like morning coffee, a yoga session, hike, swim, or a workout. Shopping at the local Farmer’s Market or other shops and carefully choosing ingredients for cooking and savoring a meal with family or friends can also be a rewarding experience. Remember, time is the ultimate luxury. The question is how and where you choose to spend it. Choose wisely, and the question of what is resort-style living answers itself. Enjoy!