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05 May . 2021

How to Get Cozy: Ways to Make Your Life and Home More Cozy

How to Get Cozy in Your Home and Life

When planning to redecorate or even renovate your space, creating a cozy house interior just might be a significant factor in that project. You might look into how to make your room warmer and more inviting, which color tones evoke which types of emotion, or what furniture and decor best suits your interests. But, while making your home the ideal space for entertaining is one thing, it’s another to ensure that your home matches your lifestyle and that the life you live inside of it is as cozy as can be.

How to Get Cozy With Decor

People often shop with the interests of family, friends, or other house guests in mind. Where would other people be most comfortable? What colors would they like to see? What’s trendy right now? And so on. But ultimately, by making your home wholeheartedly your own, your guests will feel just as comfortable entering a space that is an extension of you.

  • When picking out furniture for your cozy home, the main objective should always be comfort. Additionally, you want to pick out colors that are pleasing to the eye and match your overall vision and/or decor. One major factor when choosing your furniture is that it should reflect who you are, your personality, and your choices. Think about the sofa first, perhaps the biggest piece of furniture in the home and the place where you’ll likely spend the most time. The look and feel should be equally appealing to you — pick out a fabric that you’d want to hang out on. You can even add cushy pillows and chunky throw blankets for that added ‘cozy’ effect. Then, move onto the bedrooms, dining areas, and so on, and shop with the same objective.


  • Decide whether you want to mix or match furnishings like carpets, rugs, curtains, and tapestries to your overall decor in terms of texture, color, and designs. Forgoing matching pieces could make everything seem like an accent piece but ultimately, how you furnish your home is up to you. However, one of the best ways to enhance the cozy feel is to eliminate clutter. Organize trinkets on a shelf, and store valuables or collectors in a shadow box. In turn, this eliminates stress which only promotes comfort.


  • The ‘norm’ adopted by interior designers all over the world is to have diffused lighting instead of bright, in-your-face lighting. Consider hidden lighting, which can light up the room or parts of the room while tucked away. Accent lighting can be used to focus on a particular point of interest, giving the impression of a larger, more spacious room. Think about how you feel on a cloudy versus a sunny day, how you feel sitting under harsh fluorescents in a waiting room versus indulging in your favorite novel next to your bedside lamp, then bring those elements into the rest of your home!

How to Get Cozy With Your Life

In addition to how you decorate your space, how you live in that space each day plays a role in how comfortable you feel. Here are 12 simple ideas for how to make your room warmer and add some more cozy to your life!

  1. Snuggle up on the sofa and look through old photo albums or indulge in your favorite TV show
  2. Have friends and family over for games, wine, and other fun activities
  3. Light your favorite seasonal candles
  4. Find a comfy place inside your home and journal, doodle, or DIY a fun craft
  5. Bring in natural elements like reclaimed wood or plants
  6. Replace bare walls with photos of family, friends, and good times to make it truly feel like ‘home’
  7. Paint an accent wall or hang some colorful art
  8. Throw on your softest socks and coziest sweater (then see #1)
  9. Add some new books to read to your nightstand
  10. Work toward getting a better night’s sleep
  11. Treat yourself to an at-home spa day (bubble bath, self-care, etc.)
  12. Take some time to clean/organize your home

Remember, the definition of “cozy” varies from person to person. Think about which activities, people, places, scents, or memories make you feel most comfortable and trigger the sense of calmness that you strive to bring into your space. That’s where you will find out how to get cozy in your home and your life.