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Rosewood Golf Villas model backyard

01 July . 2021

20 Ways to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

Learn How to Make Your Backyard Better!

Maybe your house is the go-to for parties, or perhaps you just feel it’s time for a change. Whatever your reasons for exploring backyard improvements, we’ve got some ideas for how you can spruce up your outdoor space in Estrella this summer.

Follow along as we share some Family Handyman tips on how to make your backyard better, from hands-on DIY projects to simple things to put in your backyard to bring it to life!

  1. Easy Platform Deck. Whether it’s a deck, patio, or simple patch of grass, you must define a place to gather. Learn how to make your backyard better with this easy 3-day platform deck project by Family Handyman — an inexpensive alternative to standard patios and decks.
  2. Pot-in-Pot Landscaping. This is an excellent way to reorganize the mature plants in your garden. Grab some landscape pots of the same size, place your plants in double landscape pots, and bury them at ground level. Whenever you feel like you want to change it up again, just pull out the top pot and place it into a different one—voila!
  3. DIY Fire Pit. Fire pits are one of the best things to put in your backyard and often come at a low DIY cost. Use this step-by-step guide, and you’ll be enjoying a crackling wood fire in your own backyard in no time!
  4. Garden Arbor. This six-part garden arch is the perfect addition to spruce up your outdoor space and can be crafted in less than a day! Use it as a gateway, frame a walkway, and even liven it up by growing climbing plants alongside it!
  5. Storage Bench. A little extra storage will always go a long way, and these benches are just the thing for putting away pool accessories, extra cushions, toys, or anything else you might need to stow.
  6. String Lights. Nothing pulls the backyard ambiance together better than the twinkle of string lights on a warm summer night.
  7. Make a Pathway. You worked hard to bring the space together, and the best way to tie everything together is to create paths from one beautiful feature to the next.
  8. Copper Plant Markers. Many plant markers can’t withstand sun, wind, or rain, and anything that can is rarely too attractive...until copper plant markers. The bonus? You can make them yourself!
  9. Create Your Own Cornhole Set. It’s inexpensive and easy to create this classic backyard game. Plus, with folding legs, it’s portable!
  10. Viking Table. This Viking table is elegant, large, rock-solid, and buildable with just basic tools!
  11. Backyard Swing. This hanging seat is excellent for the backyard space but can also double as a porch swing—or really just about anywhere!
  12. Lawn Dominoes. The only thing better than games is lawn-sized games, and lawn dominoes is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors (right from the comfort of your backyard!)
  13. Built-In Planters. Planters make a beautiful addition to any deck and provide some added privacy, making the space feel like its own separate room.
  14. Fold Up Grill Table. This collapsible cedar table is perfect for holding all your barbecue essentials then collapsible for easy storage!
  15. Life-sized Chess Board. Take your chess game to the next level, and wow your guests!
  16. Stair Step Plant Display. Built from boards cut in just two lengths, this simple plant stand will add some variety to your garden.
  17. Pint-Sized Water Gardens. Low maintenance yet beautiful, all these pint-sized water gardens require is a bit of water top off before heading on with your day, and they’ll be thriving by the time you’re home!
  18. Sturdy Deck Planter. Perfect fit for a deck railing or to sit on a patio, deck, or porch floor is this planter, which can be made any length you want! Easy for even first-time woodworkers.
  19. Propane Heater. Anyone who entertains needs a propane heater! Specifically, one like this Sunjoy heater has wheels for easy transport and mobility and heats within 9.5 feet!
  20. Jumbo Jenga. As we said, lawn games are fantastic, and what’s better than gathering around your new Viking table and playing a round of jumbo Jenga with family friends?!

So, what’s your first project!? Get started on that DIY train and start sprucing up your space!