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22 January . 2021

Welcome to Estrella: First-Time Homebuyers in Arizona

Buying a home is an exciting experience, especially for a first-time home buyer! Not only do first-time homebuyers often enjoy special advantages as new entrants into the real estate market, but there are countless first-time homebuyer tips to help guide you through the process and help make this significant moment in your life more enjoyable.

Tips for First-Time Homeowners

The first step in buying a home is picking out the perfect location. One that best suits your needs and your lifestyle. That’s where Estrella comes in. For first-time homebuyers in Arizona, Estrella has something everyone can enjoy. Offering miles of hiking trails, bike rentals, restaurants, cafes, resident clubs, golf courses, and close proximity to Estrella Mountain Regional Park for activities like camping, fishing, and baseball. Estrella makes the perfect landing destination for couples, newlyweds, families, and active people alike. Thanks to flexible home plans with casitas and our CantaMia 55+ village, the community is also great for multigenerational living as you can stay close to relatives and live in Estrella together or as neighbors for years to come.

Additionally, there are some nitty-gritty must-dos for our first-time homebuyers in Phoenix to consider before making the big move. Those first-time homebuyer tips include:

  1. Determine your financial health.
    • Look over your savings.
    • Review your spending.
    • Check your credit.
  2. Determine which type of home suits your needs.
  3. Determine which features are must-haves in your ideal home.
  4. Determine how much mortgage you qualify for through prequalification with a lender.
  5. Determine what you can afford.
  6. Determine who will help you find a home and guide you through the process.

Once all is said and done, and you’re all settled into your beautiful new Estrella residence, it’s time to start taking steps towards making it your home. There are a few home essentials that every homeowner needs, including:

  1. Home Decor
  2. Landscaping Supplies
  3. Dishware and Utensils
  4. Household Tools

You signed all the papers, paid the movers, and the place is finally feeling like home. However, with homeownership there sometimes comes investments that go beyond the down payment and monthly mortgage but it’s nothing to fear! Consider these final tips for first-time homeowners and keep them in your pocket as a checklist to refer back to:

  1. Remember to keep saving as homeownership can come with expenses to protect your investment.
  2. Get in the habit of performing regular maintenance and keep up with repairs while problems are small and manageable.
  3. Knock out the boring stuff right away like changing your address and updating any official records.
  4. Unpack the boxes so you feel ready to move forward with just relaxing and enjoying your new home.
  5. Start off placing your belongings in an organized way so you’ll always know where to find things.
  6. Purchase emergency supplies and prepare your zombie apocalypse kit (you never know!).
  7. Host a safe and socially distanced virtual housewarming party!

Congrats! You’re officially a first-time homebuyer in Arizona, and it will take very little time exploring your new neighborhood and its beautiful High Sonoran Desert landscapes to know you made the right choice for you, your family, and your future.

Visit the Estrella Home Finder to find your perfect first home!