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02 December . 2021

“Hello” is Free (and Other Thoughts on Being an Estrella Good Neighbor)

One thing many of us have in common is that we moved from somewhere else to Arizona. In those moves, we had likely left friends and family behind in the hope of making new friends who would become like family when we settled in our new homes. Below, we are thrilled to share excerpts from our conversations with Estrella residents who nominated their neighbors in our #EstrellaGoodNeighbor campaign. They are outstanding examples of what happens when strangers reach out to strangers, then become neighbors, then become friends.

Amanda Coleman and Christa Martinez 
AMANDA: “When our house was being built in Lucero, we were up every week to check on progress. One night when we were driving by, our future neighbors across the street were out. They were so welcoming already, told us what to expect, how the neighborhood was, made us feel very welcome. They even offered to help us move in!”
CHRISTA: “We just love welcoming new people that we meet and having a relationship with our neighbors. It’s great to have that sense of community and have people around you watch out for you and your kids. It’s so easy to go home and close the garage door and that’s it. We love to be out in our front yard, meeting people, saying ‘hi,’ asking them if they need help… it’s so worth it.”
AMANDA: “It’s so important to make an effort to get to know your neighbors so that if they need something, you can lend a helping hand. We are so lucky and grateful to have them as our neighbors.”

Amanda Coleman and Christa Martinez

Carolyn Love and Loisteen Walker
CAROLYN: “I have never met anyone as welcoming as Lois. She has welcomed everyone in the Lucero area with hospitality and generosity. She reaches out to check on neighbors to make sure everyone is doing well; she is such a special person.”
LOISTEEN: “I wouldn’t live anywhere where I couldn’t talk to my neighbors… my mother said I was born talking. So many of us are new to Arizona. It’s important to look out for each other, keep your neighbor’s packages safe while they’re away, or just walk across the street and ask if you can help, so your neighbor doesn’t feel like a stranger.
CAROLYN: “Family grows in a neighborhood, especially in a state that has so many transplants. We’ve lived in Arizona for the last 24 years, and this is the most connected I’ve ever felt in my community.”
LOISTEEN: “‘Hello’ is free. It’s just wonderful to walk around our neighborhood, meet everyone, make introductions, and help whenever I can.”

Carolyn Love and Loisteen Walker

Ellie Astridge and Terri Wingate Maroney
ELLIE: “When I moved to Estrella last year, I came to a new area with no family and a couple of friends. You don’t realize how often you need an extra hand or just ask a simple question about the neighborhood or surrounding area. Terri texted me to ask if her husband could take my garbage cans out to the curb for me when I was away. When I was sick, she shared doctor referrals with me…I didn’t realize how blessed I was to have landed on a wonderful street with Terri and her family next door.”
TERRI: “Offering to help is easy. Asking for it can be hard. Kindness and compassion go a long way in making connections with your neighbors. We love looking out for ours and helping in any way we can.
ELLIE: “Terri is one of the most positive and caring individuals I have had the pleasure of meeting. If we had more neighbors like her, the world would be a better and brighter place!”

Ellie Astridge and Terri Wingate Maroney

Good Neighbors Wanted!
Good Neighbors have provided transportation to doctor appointments and put up/taken down holiday decorations. They’ve written letters as Santa Claus to Estrella’s littlest believers and dropped treat-filled Easter eggs on front lawns to the surprise of kids on Easter morning. They’ve also provided some much-appreciated company and conversation over coffee or walks around the lakes.

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If you would like to participate as a Good Neighbor, would like some help with the items listed above (or others!), or want to learn more about the Estrella Good Neighbor Program, please contact Karen at 623-243-5831 or kangelo@ccmcnet.com.