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Photo of an interior living and kitchen space of a model home

02 August . 2021

Popular Home Decorating Styles

Popular House Interior Design Styles & Decor Trends

2021 is the year for change, and nothing speaks to that more than changing up your house’s interior design styles! From vibrant colors and statement pieces to classic decor, plus all you need to create the perfect zen space, we’ve got you covered. With a little help from Decor Aid, we’re going to share several different types of interior design styles that are popular (and easy to achieve) right now, which might help inspire you to make your Estrella home a little more your own.

First things first, what is home decor? Home decor refers to the aesthetic components you use to make your home more attractive or visually appealing. It includes physical items and objects like furniture, art, and accessories and the placement of those items. It also includes room colors and materials used on flooring, window coverings, wall coverings, and ceilings.

To put it more plainly, it’s whatever you want it to be! Just because certain styles are trending does not mean you need to remain in the box. In fact, throwing a creative, out-of-the-box spin on your space might be just what you need to liven it up!

We pulled five from Decor Aid’s top 20 list of different types of interior designs, as well as some hot and classic decor trends you need to know about.

House Interior Design Styles

Modern, simple, refined, comfortable, and functional. Not to be confused with a stark coldness and uncomfortable severity. Minimalism is a warmer take on minimal interior design that’s clean, elegant, and most importantly, fuss-free! When thinking of minimalism components, picture an art gallery for reference—they fill a large, empty space with the bare essentials but still feature those essentials in a lively manner, so you are drawn to them or drawn to ask questions.

Modern and contemporary are widely confused with one another, but there is a difference that makes them unique. Contemporary is current, of the moment, in the now. They have a lot of freedom, whereas modern is typically fixed around a certain time. Contemporary house interior design styles are often simple, subtle, and sophisticated with the deliberate use of texture and clean lines. Contemporary interiors tend to showcase the space rather than the things by focusing on shape, color, lighting, and more. These interiors are sleek and fresh.

Rustic styles take inspiration directly from the outdoors. They are typically a combination of industrial and farmhouse interior design styles. Rustic decor emphasizes natural and weathered-looking finishes, stone, raw wood, and leather. Generally, rustic interiors are often warm in decor and lighting, and very inviting.

Coastal interior designs feature bright, light, and airy components that bring a sense of coastal life and beach house elements in. Typically, these interiors feature vibrant neutrals that soak up the sun’s rays. Common color palettes include greens, creams, and light blues inspired by the sea. Throw in some ocean scents to really set the tone! Together, these make for a relaxed yet elegant finish.

This design lends clean, somewhat masculine, and minimal spirit to any room with urban vibes and warehouse and factory elements thrown in. The color scheme is typically neutral, like that of reclaimed machinery, moody hues, unfinished metals, raw woods, and statement pieces with a steampunk feel. These are best for larger, open spaces rather than small homes as the aesthetic calls for plenty of breathing room to take in the hefty industrial-inspired elements.

Hot & Classic Decor Trends

Similar to those different types of interior designs, here are some classic decor trends you can implement into your own Estrella home!

Checks & Stripes
It’s everybody’s two favorite patterns combined! Consider a striped wallpaper and plaid or checkered bedspread, or mix and match two of your own favorite patterns. Just be sure to do so on different scales to create just the right balance.

Primary Palette
In this classic decor approach, try using two or three primary colors against a muted palette as a bold, artistic statement within your home. A red vase and a blue lamp up against a muted, pale yellow wall. It’s the perfect way to bring some color into a neutral space and helps those accent pieces stand out.

Pop of Color
Adjust your interior to the seasons. Summer provides a great excuse to get cozy, and the best way to do this is to incorporate warmer colors into your space. Consider a burnt orange or peacock blue to really set the tone as these work great with grays and navys and also help to add depth to a space. The best part? These colors work great for winter, spring, and fall!

Snug Space
Bed down in a snug space by picking out a spot in your home and adding soft and comfortable elements to it. Consider it your creative corner or nook—make it a space you’ll want to return to for thinking, reading, or simply resting. Bring in a nice sofa chair, desk, light, pillows, and nice linens to make a comfortable place to relax.

You can really never go wrong with houseplants. They serve as great statement pieces and warm up really any area in the home. Throw some hanging plants in the shower, on top of the stove, in the living room, by your bedside, in the windowsill—the choice is yours! Not only are they beautiful and bring vibrancy and color into our space, but they also freshen the air, filter out pollutants, and release oxygen!

Happy decorating!