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Rock Garden at Starpointe Resident Club

09 September . 2020

Rock Your Garden - Rock Garden Landscaping Ideas

Rocks, Relationships, Competition & Community 

If you're wondering what rocks, relationships, and community have in common, look no further. Rocks have a much more interesting history than just millions of years on the planet and the wonderful variety of types. Some of the most heartwarming tales of immigrants coming to America were of them bringing along a small portion of soil from their native lands as they dreamed, hoped, and established lives and families in the new world. They planted gardens and put down roots.

Parts of those traditions are still alive and well today. Once established, and as families grew or moved, many people made a practice of bringing an item from their former home to incorporate into their new home. A brick, some soil - or a special rock - would receive a place in the garden, yard, or as a feature of the landscape.

Garden rocks have become a grounding point and reminder of roots, family, and shared experiences in your home and can make the perfect gift for someone who has moved into a new home. The traditional housewarming gift ideas of salt, bread, and wine still endure, albeit in much more fancy forms! It’s the thought and meaning behind them that matter the most.

Stay Strong this will fly away soon pained on a rock with a yellow butterfly

As we have all shared this collective experience of a pandemic, a form of this tradition has resurfaced to delight people of all ages. In many areas throughout the country, everything from garden art painted rocks and garden gnomes to yard rock designs, stuffed animals, little libraries and other small treasures have gone on display. Painting rocks to place in the yard or leave for people to find on their walks around the neighborhood has become a safe, fun, and creative way to engage kids and families, while spreading positive messages of comfort, inspiration, and hope.

Rocks painted like M&M Characters

In the spirit of these traditions, Estrella engaged in a bit of friendly competition with Mulberry, our sister community in Mesa. Residents are, of course, the most important ingredient in the mix. Over the past few months, residents of Estrella chose a rock from the community garden pail in front of the Starpointe Residents Club, painted it, and then added it to the growing collection in the Starpointe Garden. Thank you to every family and resident who participated, what a lovely statement it says about our unique and wonderfully diverse community. We hope that it might even inspire your own rock garden landscaping ideas.

various rocks with characters and colors on them

Of course, like so many sports traditions, the trophy fits the rock art game but with a fun historical twist. The winner will receive a garden gnome to grace its rock garden from the community that came closest - but didn't win. And since garden gnomes have been known to travel, the gnome could become an inter-community trophy awarded annually and a local tradition for years to come.

Rock with "give your heart to someone without one"  painted on it

Painted Rock Garden Ideas & Yard Rock Designs

In the warmer Southwest states and desert areas especially, garden rocks serve a larger purpose for landscaping and sustainability. The combination of the two concepts makes beautiful sense, especially in the spirit of community. Need a bit of inspiration? There are plenty of online resources to check out. Here are a few links to get started:

Rock Garden Landscaping Ideas

Painted Rock Garden Ideas

Inspiring Painted Rock Ideas

Rock with Ice Cream Cone painted on it

And if all this talk of rocks and landscaping have inspired you to relook at some areas of your yards or gardens, as always, consult with the HOA for the required forms and other guidance. Thanks for being a part of our Estrella community.

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