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Goodyear Fire Station 186

26 October . 2020

Goodyear Fire Department Expansion | We Support First Responders

The Expansion of the Goodyear Fire Department

In honor of National First Responders Day, on October 28th, we send our thanks and sincere gratitude to the City of Goodyear Fire Department and other first responders for their tireless work on behalf of our community throughout the years.

As Estrella grows to welcome more residents, so must our resources to help keep everyone safe. The City of Goodyear has placed one of the most advanced settings for first responders right in our community. Goodyear Fire Station 181 will be a state-of-the-art facility specifically designed to emphasize the firefighters’ long-term health and improve response times for the community. Goodyear Deputy Fire Chief Tom Cole remarked in a recent article in the Daily Independent:

“Particularly in the Estrella community, it’s timely to build a station in that part of the city, and Station 181 is being put in the optimal position for response times in that part of the city,” he said. “So, this is just forward-thinking, it’s using resources effectively, and it’s providing fire and emergency medical resources where the community needs it.”

What Do First Responders Do?

Different types of first responders range from healthcare workers, EMTs, paramedics, and police to firefighters and other safety-focused personnel and their agencies. First responders spend hundreds of hours training to help people in case of an emergency. Fire stations are equipped with the latest technology to handle a variety of situations including medical emergencies, fires, hazardous materials, and emergency management.

The Goodyear Fire Department is considered an “all-hazard” agency. Beyond just emergency services, the Goodyear Fire Department is committed to serving the community through various educational programs. These courses use presentations and demonstrations at local schools to teach youth about fire and life safety. These events help educate the importance of helmets, safety belts, water safety, and fire safety.

The Goodyear Fire Department also hosts group training courses to teach proper hands-on CPR, safety seat usage, and more. Estrella kids and parents love that firefighters and paramedics never miss an opportunity to offer residents tours of its fire trucks, equipment, and gear.

The Importance of First Responders in the Estrella Community

Having first responders in a community is essential for everyone’s health, safety, and welfare. But there are other benefits to having first responders nearby. According to the website Zillow,

Having a highly rated fire department nearby can substantially reduce how much you'll pay for home insurance, and every dollar you don't put into your policy is a dollar you can devote to your home.”

 The article goes on to detail the importance of a home’s proximity to a fire station, and how insurance companies use this and other data to set homeowners’ insurance policy rates. The recent addition of the Goodyear Fire Department Station 181 to the Estrella community will not only improve response times but also potentially lower insurance rates, which is good news for everyone!

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