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Sidewinder trail marker in Lucero

08 October . 2020

Explore the Miles of Hiking Trails in Estrella

Estrella Hiking Trails

Life in Estrella offers so many wonderful activities, especially for outdoor enthusiasts. With more than 40 community and neighborhood parks, 72 acres of lakes, plus 50+ miles of hiking paths and trails, outdoor life is one of the most popular points of interest for people who are considering calling Estrella home. Others, like longtime resident Henry Brumback, an avid mountain biker and passionate hiker, have made the Estrella trails a part of their everyday life. As a member of the Estrella Trail Committee, Henry has played an integral part in the creation, naming, marking, and maintenance of Estrella hiking trails for Lucero village.

As a group, the Estrella Trail Committee members explore new,  potential trail sites for the community, spending hours walking through the desert terrain to find the best pathways for mountain biking and hiking at all skill levels. The Estrella Trail Committee members also perform volunteer maintenance work on the existing trails to keep them in top condition for Estrella residents and visitors. Henry estimates he spends at least 6-8 hours per week on volunteer maintenance alone.

“When we started on the Lucero trails, there were only a mile and a half of trails in that section of the community. Today, we’ve added an additional eight miles of trails. Currently, I’m working on making a more low level trail that circles the mountain range and connects back into the community,” Henry commented.

Another of Henry’s numerous contributions to the Estrella Trail Committee is trail signage. “We needed some clear temporary signage for the Lucero trails, so rather than the traditional two letter trail markers, which require you to look them up to be sure of where you are, we were given permission to name the trails for things we saw in the desert while building them,” he explained.

Coyote Creek was named after the coyote we saw drinking from a creek. Henry then painted fun scenes and the names of the trails on large rocks to mark the different trailheads until permanent signage could be installed. While the signage was meant to be temporary, community members loved them so much, Henry was asked to paint more markers.

“I’ve lost count of how many I’ve painted, but there are more than twenty painted markers around the Lucero trails now,” said Henry. “It’s a lot of fun, and I’m glad so many people like them.”

If you haven’t seen these trailhead markers in person yet, here are just a few that you might see on your next hiking or biking excursion through the Lucero trails.

For more information about Estrella hiking trails, download the Estrella Trail guide.

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