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Flex spaces offered by builders can be lofts, offices, or bedrooms

06 November . 2020

Flexible Living Spaces - Inside & Outdoors

Modern Flex Room Ideas

One of the most desirable elements of living in Estrella are the expertly designed homes featuring flexible living spaces- both indoor and outdoor. Of course, deciding what to do with a flex room is a matter of personal taste and your particular needs in this stage of life. Modern flex room ideas often include playrooms, game rooms, or home theaters - all spaces with functionality that the entire family can enjoy. However, as the trend towards remote working grows, using flexible living spaces as a home office is an increasingly popular choice for both new and existing homes. The trend towards remote working is not solely driven by the pandemic but reflects the continuing shift from manufacturing industries to service-focused jobs and self-employment.

What is Flex Design?

Flexible housing design begins with a basic layout that allows for functional expansion or changes in the future. The interior floor plan layout provides the flexibility you need to expand out or up or change the purpose of particular rooms without the need for construction. Flex room space can be used for any number of functions or dedicated to a particular hobby or family need. Outside of home office space, children’s playrooms/schoolrooms, and media/game rooms are currently leading choices for flex space. In-home wellness areas for practices such as yoga and meditation are also on the highly desired list. Flex rooms are ideal for converting to an arts & crafts space, exercise room, art studio, wine bar or cocktail room, library/reading room, meditation space, billiards, or even a music room - the beauty of flex space means you can choose whatever makes your heart sing!

Sitting room for relaxing, reading a book, or studying

Creating a Flexible Home Office

All things considered, having a well-equipped office at home makes good sense. To create the ideal home working space, choose an area for your desk with natural light. This can help boost your mood and productivity levels, and reduce eye strain from screen time. Be sure to plan for an appropriate location for your Wi-Fi router to prevent interrupted or weak signals. A comfortable office chair is also a top priority, especially for when you’re sitting for long periods of time. The piece that ties it all together? A fold-out sofa that converts to a bed is another great office accessory to consider, as they allow for your office space to be quickly turned into a guest room.. That’s truly the definition of flex space!

With so many different builders, villages, and amenities in the community, choosing a home in Estrella allows you to create the work and home life of your dreams. We invite you to take a tour to see for yourself: Visit Estrella.