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White Westie dog sitting on a bed

22 June . 2020

Dog Training Tips

There is nothing more exciting than welcoming a new pup into the family. Between their undeniable companionship, unconditional love, and overall cuteness, they truly take a special place in our hearts from the moment they walk in the door. That bond can be tested a bit when it comes to training time. Here are a few essential training tips for your furry friend.

Set House Boundaries

Before bringing your new dog home, be sure to set some clear boundaries. Use a baby gate to block areas of your home where the dog isn’t allowed to roam. Setting up a dog crate, or playpen, will also give them a safe space to get acquainted with their new home without getting into trouble. Decide whether or not they are allowed onto the furniture and stick to it to ensure they don’t get confused with mixed signals. Be sure to reinforce good behavior. When it comes to dog training, staying consistent and establishing clear house rules is key for your companion’s success. For additional ways to achieve harmony at home with your pets, check out our Four Pet-Friendly Home Tips blog.

Create a Designated Space

Whether it’s the laundry room, home office, or a specific corner of the living room, creating a designated space for your pet is essential. Add a comfy bed, food and water dish, and a few toys to make the area more inviting and provide them a space to relax. This will not only encourage calm behavior, but also reinforce your house boundaries. Estrella features a wide variety of home styles and floorplans to ensure you have the ideal space to accommodate your furry friend. Use the HomeFinder tool to easily filter through all of our available options by builder, home type, and square footage to find the best fit.

Learn the Rules of the Leash

First things first, when it comes to walking on a leash, be sure you have an appropriate-sized collar or harness for your pet. Introduce the leash and practice walking indoors, or in your own backyard, for short periods at a time to help your dog get acquainted with the process. Keep the leash short to establish dominance and help teach them to walk by your side. Prevent pulling and reward good behavior by keeping treats in your pocket. At Estrella, pet-owners can utilize our community’s 40+ parks and 50+ miles of paths and trails to go on plenty of outdoor adventures with their furry friends all year long. Check out our tips for hiking with your dog to ensure you and your pup stay safe out on the trails.

Couple hiking with their dog

Reward Positive Behavior

It may sound obvious, but rewarding your pup’s positive behavior goes a long way! Spend the afternoon exploring a new trail or venturing to Roscoe Dog Park, located only five miles from our master-planned community. Enjoy a relaxing walk around North or South Lake, or simply give them their favorite treat at home. In CantaMia, our 55-Plus village, residents can visit the dog park, located right at the entrance to the village by the residents club, the Village Center. Whatever you decide, your pup will love the extra attention!

Here at Estrella, we really love our four-legged friends. From various trails and parks to pet-friendly floorplans and amenities, our master-planned community is packed with everything you need to keep your furry friend’s tail wagging all year long. Share your favorite pet photos with us on social media by tagging #PetsofEstrella for the chance to featured on our page!