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Collage of various music and art performing acts

27 February . 2020

Fandoms We Love

Being a part of a Fandom isn’t just a hobby; they can shape our identity. Whether it’s the joy of stepping onto the theatre stage or the adrenaline rush of esports, fandoms ignite our inner passions and connect us with others who share common interests. Read on to explore some of our fandoms.


There is nothing quite like the atmosphere at a music festival. Whether it’s the huge energetic crowds, the pulsating beat of the music, or the excitement from seeing a favorite artist, music festivals have a way of connecting fans and leaving them with a sense of belonging. In the Valley, music addicts have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of festivals and find their tribe. From the nation’s hottest country music festival, Country Thunder, to Phoenix’s longest-running urban music celebration, McDowell Music Festival, the area allows all fans to immerse themselves in their ideal musical environments and create memories to last a lifetime.

Here in Estrella, we also use the power of music to connect the community. A West Valley and Estrella staple since 2013, the Goodyear Lakeside Music Festival offers continuous entertainment with its wide variety of local bands, awesome food vendors, kid-friendly activities, and headliners like Smashmouth and the Plain White T’s.

Crowd enjoying GLM Fest in Estrella


Art is a universal language that can form connections between people from all walks of life. Working to enrich the West Valley by growing a vibrant and connected arts and cultural community, the West Valley Arts Council provides a home base for both artists and art lovers alike through weekly exhibits, educational programs, and performances.

Downtown Phoenix’s walkable urban arts district, Roosevelt Row, also shines a light on the creative community and fosters a cultural vibrancy unlike any other through its impressive murals, award-winning galleries, programs, and regular events.

Estrella is a long-time supporter of the arts and promotes multiple family-friendly programs and events to connect the artistic community. Here are a few of our annual happenings:

- Ballet Under The Stars: Co-hosted with the City of Goodyear, Ballet Arizona descends upon Estrella for an enchanting night of spectacular ballet performances.
- Lakeside Farmers Market: Held every third Saturday of the month from October through April, the Lakeside Farmers Market features work from local artists across the Valley.
- Presidio Resident Art Gallery: The Estrella Art Gallery Committee gives residents the opportunity to showcase their own artwork in a lively art exhibit in Presidio.
- Streetlight Art: One Estrella resident has been chosen by the City of Goodyear to paint the traffic cabinet at the corner of Estrella Parkway and Elliot Road. Visit her website to help pick a design and check out her work!

Performers on stage at Ballet Under the Stars in Estrella


Theatre has the power to change lives, both for performers and audience members. In the Valley, theatregoers have cultivated a strong community with multiple venues to experience renowned productions. Spend the evening enjoying a show at Estrella Foothills High School Performing Arts Center, which features a rotating selection of classic broadway productions. Connect with other theatergoers and experience a lunch time production hosted by the West Valley Arts Council, or venture to the nearby Arizona Broadway Theatre Company for a performance of Footloose, Chicago, or The Wizard of Oz. Whether you prefer to be on or off the stage, the theatre community is home to many Valley residents.


The heart of the fandom lies within comic book culture. From childhood through adulthood, comic book fans connect with other comic buffs through captivating stories, adventures, and long-awaited film releases. A comic book fan’s Superbowl, Phoenix Fan Fusion is a place where many fans can show off their style and creativity by dressing up as their favorite characters.


Be a part of the online gaming community phenomenon, otherwise known as esports. One of the strongest and fastest-growing fandoms, esports allows gamers to connect and grow their passion from anywhere in the world. From massive tournaments and industry events to esports colleges and professional opportunities, the community is booming with action.

There really is no better feeling than finding your tribe. Whether it’s theatre, art, music, or comic books, the camaraderie fandom brings is truly incredible. So, what’s your fandom? Share with us at @EstrellaAZLife for the chance to be featured on our page.