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Father and son fishing off the pier at North Lake

19 August . 2020

Why Fishing is Good for your Health

The lifestyle in Estrella not only supports adventure and community, but also relaxation and quality time with family. While there are a number of ways to relax, one hobby in particular comes to mind that is perfect to enjoy with the whole family: fishing!

While Arizona is known for beautiful desert landscapes, it’s also home to a variety of beautiful lakes and rivers, including the Gila River, which also flows through the Estrella Mountain Regional Park. If you’d like to fish at the Gila River, a current fishing license is required by the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

Estrella residents and their guests can also enjoy fishing anywhere amongst our 72-acres of lakes and can sign up for the community’s Catch & Release Program. Thanks to this program, families can enjoy fishing at both the North and South Lake, which are stocked with Catfish, Tilapia, Bass, Carp, Koi, and Goldfish. Please note, as you prepare to spend the day relaxing lakeside, those who are fishing must bring their own gear.

Man Fishing off pier at North Lake while children kayak and paddle boat nearby

Outside of the sport being an activity used to unwind, many people don’t realize that there are a number of other benefits to fishing, both physically and psychologically.

Benefits of Fishing

If you’re looking for a pastime that brings you peace and serenity, but also excitement (for when you yell ‘I think I got one!!’), fishing is the activity for you! Whether you’re new to fishing or you grew up casting with your family, it’s a great way to spend time outdoors with your loved ones. 

Physical Benefits

Fishing not only requires full-body strength, but also improves cardiovascular health and balance. If you’re in a canoe, not only are you reeling in a fish, but you’re probably also performing a balancing act, which requires quick movements involving both core strength and flexibility. Depending on how active you are, according to the Health Fitness Revolution, fishing can burn an average of 200 calories per hour. Also, whether it’s a sunny or a gloomy day, you’re constantly receiving Vitamin D, which helps the body’s immune system as well!

Mental Health Benefits

The psychological benefits of fishing also vary from promoting relaxation and bestowing patience, to providing an opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family. Fishing is an activity for everyone, so it allows you to wind down, decompress, and enjoy downtime either with yourself or with those that you love. Considering how quiet and peaceful it is, some even use fishing as a meditation practice!

We hope this insight has helped you understand the benefits of fishing and has inspired you to try the meditative, yet exciting hobby! We’d love to see what you catch!

Share your experience fishing at one of our two lakes on social media and tag us @EstrellaAZLife!