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Sky Walk at the Grand Canyon

07 August . 2020

Attractions You Can Only Find In Arizona

In Estrella, we value adventure. It’s one of our core values and something our residents always have right in their backyard. While we have plenty to offer in terms of adventure, (try 72 acres of lakes, a championship golf course, and more than 50 miles of hiking and biking trails) there are also convenient places for residents to venture out and enjoy all that our beautiful state has to offer. From the amazing scenery of the Grand Canyon and Havasu Falls to experiences such as visiting old abandoned towns and Kartchner Caverns, Arizona is one-of-a-kind.

Save yourself the online searches for “ghost towns in Arizona near me” and “mining towns near me” because we have everything you need to know in terms of one-of-a-kind and unique adventures right here.

Best Ghost Towns In Arizona

If an outdoor, historic, or eerie adventure is more your type then you’ve come to the right place. Arizona is certainly not lacking in ghost, old mining, and old abandoned towns with nearly 300 ghost and abandoned towns across the state.

Vulture City, AZ. Gold was discovered in Vulture City in 1863 by prospectors and it eventually became the most productive gold mine in Arizona. At its peak, Vulture City held 5,000 residents and had a fair share of crime. The mine saw reductions in productivity in the 1900s and permanently closed after World War II. The buildings are now decaying and rundown but still standing. Visitors can take a two-hour walking tour through the mine.

Jerome, AZ. The city of Jerome holds a special place in Arizona’s ghost town history. Due to an undersea volcano that developed 1.75 billion years ago, the city sits on a deposit rich with copper and other minerals. Prospectors and ranchers turned these deposits into a fortune back in the early 1900s. In its 77 years of operation the mine produced 33 million tons of minerals including copper, zinc, and silver. While the population reached nearly 5,000 in the 1930s, the town today isn’t completely abandoned as its population is now at 444.

Tombstone, AZ. Giddy on up out to the wild, wild west of Tombstone, Arizona. Old western movie fanatics may recognize it as the backdrop to the classic “Gunfight at the O.K. Corral.” Tombstone hosted actual gunfights and the largest silver mine for decades. Visitors can take a trip through time as old saloons line the dirt roads, and swinging doors lead to late-1800 style bars, general stores, and a post office to give an old western vibe.

Best Historical Spots In Arizona

History buffs, Arizona is the place for you. The state is rich in distinctive, historical spaces, buildings, and landmarks that cannot be found in another state across the U.S.

Arcosanti. The town of Arcosanti is a world-famous attempt at a prototype arcology, integrating the design of architecture with respect to ecology and living frugally located 70 miles north of Phoenix. Its arcology concept was posited by Italian-American architect Paolo Soleri in 1970. Soleri’s vision was to combine the social interaction and accessibility of a metropolitan environment with sound environmental standards, such as minimal resource use and access to the natural environment. Today, Arcosanti remains primarily as an education center, with students from around the world visiting to attend workshops and classes, and to assist with the continuing construction.

Taliesin West. Taliesin West was the winter home and school in the desert of renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright from 1937 until he passed in 1959 at the age of 91. The home sits on 620 acres in North Scottsdale and is composed of materials with a strong connection to the desert while truly reflecting his artistic and architectural vision. It’s open for tours year-round.

 Montezuma Castle. Gaze through the windows and into the past at one of the most well-preserved dwellings in North America. Montezuma is a 20 room, high-rise building nestled into the limestone cliff. It tells the story of ingenuity, survival, and ultimately, prosperity in an unforgiving desert landscape endured by the Sinagua culture.

Best Outdoor Activities In Arizona

Desert Botanical Garden. A vibrant yet tranquil experience of desert plants nestled in the Sonoran Desert. Desert Botanical Gardens offers much more than just a beautiful, scenic tour with activities ranging from light displays, culinary events, and the most iconic photo backdrops.

Lowell Observatory. Reach for the stars on this journey to Flagstaff in Northern Arizona. Visitors can “explore the universe” at the Lowell Observatory where history and science come together. Guided tours are offered giving the opportunity to walk the very path that Clyde Tombaugh did the night he discovered Pluto. Guests can also view cosmos through multimedia shows, exhibits, and presentations. You can even look directly (and safely) at the sun!

Skywalk at The Grand Canyon. This screams adventure, and there is really nothing else like it! Take a walk across one of the seven natural wonders of the world right here in Arizona, the Grand Canyon. The skywalk is a horseshoe-shaped cantilever bridge with a glass walkway that allows you to see directly below you and into the Grand Canyon.

Best Hiking Spots In Arizona

Havasu Falls. While it may not be the easiest hike it is arguably the most rewarding as the end is a breathtaking waterfall. Havasu Falls is a waterfall of Havasu Creek located in the Grand Canyon. The hike to the falls is arduous and Havasupai Reservation tribal regulations require visitors to spend the night in the canyon rather than making it a one day trip. It is about a ten-mile hike to the falls themselves.

Camelback Mountain. Ever wanted to see Phoenix and surrounding cities from 2,700 feet above? You can on Camelback Mountain. Camelback is notorious for its views and hiking trails. If you hike during the winter months you may even get to meet Santa at the top!

Sedona. While Sedona is actually a city and not just the name of a trail or mountain, it is filled with glorious hikes for all ability levels. From Cathedral Rock, Airport Loop Trail, Munds Wagon, to Devil’s Bridge, Sedona has an open air experience for everyone. Not to mention the red rock views are unlike any other!

Estrella Mountain Regional Park. Complete with 19,840 acres of desert and mountains, Estrella Mountain Regional Park became the first regional park in the Maricopa County Park System in 1954. The park is filled with hiking trails that everyone can enjoy, as well as other amenities including baseball fields and picnic areas.

We also have some of the best hiking trails right here in Estrella, many of the 50+ miles of trails are open to the public. Whether you love hiking, mountain biking, or relaxing strolls, there is something to satisfy any adventure-seeker.

Adventure awaits you in Arizona and in Estrella! Build your home in Estrella and create your own adventure. Chat with a representative on our website, venture over to our welcome center located in our village of Casa Lucero, or give us a call.