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01 April . 2020

How to Create a Productive Home Office

When creating a home office space, there are a lot of factors to consider. From choosing a quiet location and properly managing electronics to being mindful of decorations or establishing a daily routine, setting up a proper workspace is key to staying productive. Create the ultimate home office with these simple tips.

Designate a Workspace

Man sitting at a desk

Designate an area of your home specifically for work. Whether it’s a formal home office, or a desk in the guest bedroom, choose a space that is far from distractions and can accommodate all of your work materials. And no, your bed and couch are not acceptable options! Consider an area with natural light to help boost your mood and productivity levels, as well as reduce the strain on your eyes from screen time. Take into account the location of your Wi-Fi router to avoid interrupted or weak signals. A comfortable chair is also a top priority for those sitting for long periods at a time.

Keep it Clean
An organized home office is the key to increasing productivity and staying on track. Use small cabinets, a dresser, or desk drawers to store all of your papers and supplies. If you’re having trouble finding sufficient storage units, consider repurposing old household items such as mason jars, magazine racks, or dish drying racks to maximize your storage space. You can even repurpose an old wine rack to house writing materials. Whatever you decide, practical storage will help reduce visible clutter and make items easy to find when needed. Remember to clean your space regularly with disinfectant and get rid of any crumbs from the day’s snack time!

Manage Your Electronics
Nothing is more distracting than untangling countless cables, cords, and wires. Avoid unnecessary stress and keep all of your device’s cords tucked away or hidden behind your desk or chosen workspace. When not using a certain cable or charging cord, store it away properly rather than throwing it into the nearest desk drawer. Cable stations, gear ties, and cord organizers are all useful and affordable options for managing your tech-related products.

Add Some Personality
Decorate your space to reflect your personality and spark inspiration. Motivational messages, family photos, and bold colors are all great ways to liven up your space. While blue tones are best for stimulating the mind, green shades offer balance, harmony, and calmness. Add house plants or flowers to freshen up the space and introduce positivity. Lighting candles or using essential oils can also increase your concentration and make your home office more relaxing. You can also create a vision board filled with your goals, aspirations, and inspiring images to keep you extra motivated throughout the day. Add a speaker to listen to your favorite tunes or podcasts

Create a Daily Routine
Not directly related to your office space, but creating a daily routine is essential when working from home. Even though you aren’t in a traditional office, it’s important to set specific work hours for when you start and end the day. Keep in mind your lunch break as well. Set your alarm at the same time every morning, but not right before you’re supposed to start working. Rather than jumping directly from your bed to the computer, give yourself time to get ready (yes, you should actually get ready for work each day) enjoy a cup of coffee, eat breakfast, and catch up on the news. Not only will establishing a daily routine increase productivity, but it will also keep work from intruding on your personal life.

Now that you’ve got the tools, it’s time to get started on your workspace! Share your home office and productivity tips with us by using the hashtag #EstrellaWorkFromHome on social.