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Estrella Community Representatives taking a candid photo in front of the new mural at Casa Lucero during the grand opening

23 May . 2019

The Best Photo Spots In Estrella

Estrella is a beautiful master-planned community in Goodyear with picture- perfect photo ops everywhere you turn. Whether residents need the perfect place for engagement, prom, or family pictures, there is no shortage of gorgeous settings here in Estrella. While most photo spots in the community are great for any occasion, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite places for specific photo shoots.

Formal Occasions

Photo Spot: The North Lake Fountains

When it comes to formal occasions, North Lake never disappoints. Featuring the Sierra Estrella Mountain Range, the beautiful lake, lively fountains, and picturesque landscape, this shot will fully capture every aspect of life in Estrella. You might even catch some sailboats and kayaks in the background, adding a more dynamic look.

How to set up the shot: Set your photo up in front of the fountains, right behind the palm tree-lined shore, and be sure to take a wide enough shot to include the mountains in the background.
Mom taking picture with two young daughters in front of fountains in Estrella.
Photo credit: @iammicheleyoung

Photo Spot: Star Tower, a beloved community landmark

If you’re looking to take advantage of the Arizona sunsets for your formal photo, look no further than Star Tower. Located just off Estrella Parkway, the fifty-foot-tall monument is sure to make a lasting impression.

How to set up the shot: Head to Star Tower and set up your shot right in front of Serenity Pond, located southwest of the tower. Be sure to stick around after dark and enjoy the bright stars that light up the tower’s surface.

Photo credit: Gabrielle Lilia Photography

Photo Spot: The North Lake Dock

This shot takes full advantage of North Lake and gives your photo a peaceful, almost vacation-like feel.

How to set up the shot: Stand at the end of the boardwalk for your photo to include the planks of the dock as well as capturing the scenic background.

Photo credit: @anna_marisol

Family Photos

Photo Spot: South Lake

Visuals: Visit South Lake for a family photoshoot to document fun moments throughout the day as well as a group photo in front of the lake.

How to set up the shot: For a picture worthy for your next holiday card, take your family photo in front of the calm waters at South Lake. Stand on the sand right at the shoreline, picking up the lake and mountain background. For action shots, hit the playground or enjoy tossing the ball around the sand volleyball and pickleball courts.

Photo Spot: Bougainvillea Park

One of the largest parks in Estrella, Bougainvillea Park is another great spot to utilize open, grassy areas and community amenities for both posed and organic pictures. With picnic areas, tennis courts, and a huge playground, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the park while stocking up on family photos.

How to set up the shot: Set the kids loose on the playground and snap frame-worthy moments throughout the day.

Photo Spot: Presidio Residents Club

If you’d rather take your family photo indoors, consider posing the family in front of the fireplace at Presidio. The cozy setting provides an intimate atmosphere, making for a beautiful family shot.

How to set up the shot: For a posed photo, set up your family standing in front of the fireplace. The fireplace is double sided, with areas on each side of the wall. Be sure to choose the side that has the artwork above the fireplace, not the side with the mirror. This will make for a better shot and won’t show any reflections. For more organic photos, enjoy the common space in Presidio and take photos while enjoying time with one another.

Photo Spot: South Lake

For an outdoor portrait, South Lake is a great spot. The spacious lawn and palm tree area is quiet and open, allowing you to capture a gorgeous portrait or headshot.

How to set up the shot: Choose an open area to sit down on the sand for a relaxed, beachy portrait. Set up the shot on an angle where you can see the lake, palm trees, and mountains in the background. For a standing up photo, consider doing a portrait further back from the lake, within the palm tree grove. The surrounding trees and grass make for a beautiful backdrop.

Photo Credit: @valued73

Photo Spot: Presidio Residents Club

Presidio’s rustic, Mediterranean style and elegant interior will give your photo a sophisticated look.

How to set up the shot: In the long hallway before the entrance to the outdoor pool area, you’ll see a built-in bench at the end of the hallway. The wall behind the bench is covered in a black and white geometric pattern, making for a unique portrait or chic professional headshot.
Presidio bench in Estrella with black and white geometric pattern.

For The ‘Gram

Photo Spot: Estrella Mountain Regional Park

Head out to the trails to take photos that show off your adventurous side as well as the breathtaking Estrella landscape. If you head out before dusk, you might even capture a gorgeous Arizona sunset. 

How to set up the shot: Take one of the trails all the way before the highest point, and position your photo with the Sierra Estrella Mountain Range in the background. Here you’ll truly capture the beauty of the Sonoran Desert.

Photo credit: @julie.rogers529

Photo Spot: The Mural at Casa Lucero

The mural portrays North Lake, complete with dock, kayakers, and mountains in the distance. Bring along fun props and be sure use the hashtag #CasaLucero.

How to set up the shot: Located off Hillside Drive, the mural can be found on the wall behind the custom bike rack. Set up your group photo or single shot standing right in front of the mural. While you’re over at Casa Lucero, check out the new amenities including Café Bebida, Copper State Bike & Hike, and the new trailhead…another Insta-worthy site.

Check out these spots around Estrella the next time you need to photograph all your important occasions. Surrounded by sparkling lakes, wide mountain ranges, and authentic desert scenery, our community is sure to provide you with stunning places to document life’s special moments. Tag us on social @estrellaazlife with your Estrella photos and let us know where some of your favorite spots are.