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Brian and Brandon owners of the Copper State Bike and Hike Shop.

06 May . 2019

Spotlight: Copper State Bike & Hike

Our newest village, Lucero, added more than 10 miles of biking and hiking trails to Estrella. With this addition, we now have more than 50 miles of paths and trails, making Copper State Bike & Hike by Trek Bicycle Store West Phoenix a perfect fit for our master-planned community. We sat down with shop owners Brian and Brandon to learn more about them and what their shop will bring to our community.

How long have you been working in the bike and hike industry?
Brian: At 15 years old, I started working at Ski & Bike Shop, a local bike shop in my hometown in North Dakota. I worked there throughout high school and college. After graduating college, I worked at Trek Bicycle HQ in Wisconsin for seven years before moving to Arizona in 2010 to open the Trek Bicycle West Phoenix bike shop.

Brandon: I am originally from California and moved to North Dakota to go to college where I started working at Ski & Bike Shop with Brian. After graduating, I moved back to my hometown and worked at a shop there before moving to Arizona in 2010 to open the Trek Bicycle West Phoenix shop with Brian. Combined, both Brian and I have almost 40 years of shop and industry experience.

Why did you choose Estrella for Copper State Bike & Hike?
We’ve wanted to expand our rental and demo bike offerings for a few years now. A store dedicated to rentals was a big goal, but we knew that we would want to keep it close to our existing main location in Goodyear. The expanding trail system in Estrella makes it a dream location (especially with the shop located directly next to the trailhead!) and the area will only continue to grow and add amenities. Many of the Estrella residents are avid cyclists and the Estrella Trails Committee is amazing at maintaining and building new trails.

What are you most excited about with the opening of Copper State Bike & Hike?
We’re excited to be able to offer a large selection of bike models for rental and demo use. Previously, we’ve only been able to offer 1-2 models of a particular category available for rental. Now, we will have 12 different models of bikes for rent including mountain, road, gravel, e-bike, comfort, and cruiser bikes.

What services and products will Copper State Bike & Hike offer?
We will have a stock assortment of products and accessories such as tires, tubes, hydration packs and bottles/cages, nutrition, shop shirts, pumps, co2 inflators, tubeless sealant, helmets, grips, and more! We’ll be able to do minor service work that can be done while the customer waits. Some things we’ll be able to service include brake and derailleur adjustments, wheel turn and tubeless setup.

What are some tips for choosing a bike?
The first step is figuring out what type of riding you’d like to do…whether it be mountain, road, gravel, fitness/exercise, just riding around town, or a mix of those. Each category has multiple models and price points to fit your needs and budget. Test ride a few bikes to see what feels right and fits well for your intended purpose!

How do you properly fit someone for a bike?
Properly fitting someone for a bike is a bit complex. The simplest answer would be based off a rider’s height, inseam, and arm reach and then adjust based on the type of riding and specific bike the individual is interested in. It can definitely get more in-depth when looking at road and triathlon types of bikes. The best bet is to try a couple of different bike sizes and then adjust the stem, saddle, etc. to dial in the fit once the ideal frame size is determined.

What do you hope Estrella residents will love most about Copper State Bike & Hike?
The convenience will be a great benefit because the shop is right off the trail system and easily accessible from Estrella. You can bike right to the shop!

Operated by Trek Bicycle Store West Phoenix, Copper State Bike & Hike is located at Casa Lucero, our new home information center. To learn more about Lucero, visit Estrella.com/Lucero.

three men on their Trek bikes at the Lucero grand opening