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13 March . 2019

Home Essentials For First Time Buyers

Deciding to purchase your first home is an exciting experience. There are plenty of options to choose from as well as many decisions to make. Here in Estrella, we offer a variety of new home options that are certain to fit your specific needs and preferences. Once you select your home and officially move in, there are a few must-haves every new homeowner needs.

Home Décor
Once you purchase your first home, stocking up on home décor is a fun must. If you’re coming from a smaller apartment or moving out of a shared space, your new home is likely to have more wall room and empty space than you might have had before. Find the perfect space for everything you already have and determine what gaps will need to be filled. Luckily, decorating is one of the most enjoyable things about moving into a new home. If you need décor guidance, HGTV provides plenty of first home decorating tips to help get you started.

Landscaping Supplies
It’s easy to forget that your new home also comes with a front and backyard to maintain. Our desert landscape in Arizona doesn’t require too much effort to keep up with; however, it’s important to keep a few landscaping essentials on hand. If your yard is home to any plants or grass, some basics to invest in include a lawnmower, watering can, hose and shovel. If you enjoy gardening and want to get creative, check out our tips for successful desert gardening.

Plastic Plates and Utensils
You most likely will not have all your boxes unpacked your first few nights in your new home, so stock up on plastic kitchenware. While this isn’t a long-lasting home essential, you’ll be grateful to have these during your first few meals while you’re still rummaging through boxes searching for your dishware. Plus, it never hurts to have some plates and utensils around the house when you are hosting a large group and don’t feel like washing your nice dishes just yet.

Household Tools
As you get settled into your new home, you will find that having basic tools around the house will come in handy. Some key tools include a hammer, screwdriver and nails. These will be especially helpful as you begin hanging your favorite photos on the walls and putting furniture together. Also consider keeping other tools in the house such as a level, wire cutters and a tape measurer. These tools will be used more often than you think and will save you a future trip to the store.

If you’re experiencing the exciting process of becoming a first-time homeowner, be sure to keep these essentials in mind as you approach move-in day. If you’re still looking for the perfect home, Estrella offers a wide range of home designs in a variety of distinct neighborhoods. For more information, contact the Estrella New Home Information Center at 623-386-1000.

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