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Grandmother and grandson enjoying lunch together

22 March . 2019

Benefits of Multigenerational Living

A common reason to relocate is to be closer to family, and to have several generations living under the same roof is a growing trend. This is especially true in Arizona, where the beautiful weather and growing list of things to do is attracting more people to our state every day. If you’re considering moving in with family or opening your home to relatives, here are a few of the benefits.

Quality Time
The number one advantage of multigenerational living is the increased quality time spent with one another. Children often grow up seeing long-distance grandparents only on holidays, or even once every few years. The same goes for adult children and their aging parents. When you’re living in different places, it’s easy to lose touch with family or forget to schedule an adequate number of visits. Living in the same home, or community, strengthens the emotional bond between one another and allows the family to become closer through shared experiences. Rather than sending an annual holiday card out to the family with a recap of what happened in the past year, those moments will be shared together.

Role Models
As we progress through life, we often look to older siblings, parents, and grandparents as an example. Having a supportive family nearby almost guarantees there is always someone to go to for help, no matter the situation. Living in a household with family members of all ages provides role models for not only kids, but adults too. Just as children look up to their elders for advice and life lessons, adults can learn from their children as well. Multigenerational living provides a variety of perspectives and new experiences that every family member can benefit from.

Added Support
Multigenerational living can be a responsible decision, as it offers more financial support. Living with one another can ease the financial burden and cut home costs significantly. Retired grandparents can babysit the kids while parents are at work, saving daycare costs. Not only will this help out financially, but more family members in the house means more caregivers and more people able to help out with chores. Responsibilities around the house will be split up, easing the workload for everyone.

Sense of Purpose
Helping out around the house and spending time with the kids often brings purpose and meaning to the lives of older generations. For example, making regular trips to the store for groceries or helping the kids with homework after-school can make someone feel needed, useful, and active. Older family members will feel like their contributions to the household are making a difference.

Living with family is great, but you don’t need to live under the same roof to have them around. Estrella offers homes in a variety of neighborhoods, allowing families to live in the same tight-knit community. Homes are available in a wide range of sizes and styles, perfect for accommodating any size family. CantaMia, Estrella’s 55+ community, is a great option for active adults who want to be close to their grandchildren but have their own home. If you decide sharing a home with family is the right decision, Estrella even has home plans specifically designed for multigenerational living. To learn more about Estrella’s home options, click here