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Phoenix Goodyear Airport

18 July . 2019

Your Guide to Goodyear Airport

Photo Credit: Goodyear Airport
One of three airports operated in Phoenix’s metro area, Goodyear Airport is a major driver of economic growth for the city. Although the airport doesn’t operate commercial flights, there are plenty of benefits Goodyear Airport brings to the city. Here’s a quick guide to everything you need to know about the nearby aviation hub.

About Goodyear Airport
Goodyear Airport is located just off the I-10 between Litchfield Road and Estrella Parkway. Originally, it was operated by the military. The United States Navy Air Facility used the land during the 1940s and 1950s to build aircraft flight decks and conduct test flights.
The City of Phoenix purchased Goodyear Airport in 1968 and has since added a terminal, T-hangars, ramp space, tie downs, and a maintenance facility. The airport is now classified as a general aviation reliever airport for Sky Harbor and offers one of the largest general aviation runways in the country.

Job Opportunities
As Goodyear continues to rapidly expand, so does the local workforce. The Phoenix area is the fastest growing spot in the U.S., and Goodyear Airport is one of the many places that provides a high number of employment opportunities. A vast amount of land makes the airport a prime location for aircraft maintenance. Annually, 250-300 aircrafts are serviced in Goodyear, which supports many high-tech aviation jobs.
These jobs require extensive training and high certifications. Those interested in these positions can earn the proper credentials at West-MEC, a local public school district that provides technical education programs and real-life job training. Located at the nearby Glendale campus, West-MEC offers a two-year program that teaches maintenance and repair for aircraft mechanical systems.

Corporate Growth
Not only has Goodyear Airport generated employment opportunities within the airport, but it’s played a key role in corporate growth throughout Goodyear. The airport provides quick and convenient access for local businesses executives to fly in and out of the private airport, as well as an easy way for businesses to ship and receive products. Goodyear Airport currently offers a variety of services, supplies, and amenities through Lux Air Jet Centers, its fixed-base operator.
Goodyear Airport also offers more than 300 acres of leasable land on the property along with a variety of industrial and business parks. A designated military reuse zone and foreign trade zone, there are a variety of tax benefits for qualifying companies—just another reason why Goodyear is an attractive place for businesses to relocate.

Pilot Services
One of the largest services provided at Goodyear Airport is FLY Goodyear Flight Training, a flight school that offers private, commercial and flight instructor certification. Known as the most diverse flight school in the state, up-and-coming pilots come here to earn their flying credentials, complete apprenticeships, and conduct test flights.

Photo Credit: @saschadammert

Goodyear Airport is home to several different types of private and charter aircrafts. If you’re an aviation fan or know a little one who dreams of being a pilot one day, it’s worth checking out. The best place to get a great view of Goodyear Airport’s jetliners is from South Bullard Avenue, which runs down the airport’s west side. To learn more about the great things happening in Goodyear, check out our Spotlight on Goodyear blog. For more information about Estrella, visit Estrella.com.

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