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26 June . 2019

Benefits of Buying a New Home

Estrella is always looking for ways to provide new home buyers with the most up-to-date home options on the market. Our community features beautiful homes from 9 homebuilders, each with a variety of floorplans. Not sure if you should buy new? Here are a few of the benefits of buying a new home.

The best part about building a new home is having the freedom to customize it in many ways. When you buy new, you’re able to work with your builder to create the perfect home for you. Select structural options like added bedrooms, home offices, and extended patios. Then, choose your design. You’re in control of every last detail from the color of the kitchen cabinets to which type of flooring the bathroom will have. As the first owner, your newly built home will truly be your own.

Contemporary Living
Building a home from scratch means that your home will feature the latest and greatest in new home construction trends and technology. Construct your home with the newest trends such as sliding glass walls, open layouts, and large kitchen islands. Install smart technology such as Google Home or an Amazon Echo to control appliances and temperature, right from your mobile device. You can even work with builders to see which energy-efficient construction options are available to save money in the long run while helping protect our planet. Once your new home is built, you’ll be sure to be living in style.

If you’re relocating for a job, need to move before the kids start school, or just need to find a home as soon as possible, check out Estrella’s quick move-in homes. These homes are already in the building process and depending on the phase of construction, can close much quicker than traditional build times. Estrella’s new home builders generally keep two or more quick move-in homes in their inventory. If the home is still in the early stages of construction, there may even be opportunities for customization. Quick move-in homes are great options for families who would like to take advantage of everything a new home has to offer but may not want to wait on the standard build times.

Repairs and Renovations
One perk of buying a new home is once you’re all moved in, there’s no need for repairs or renovations. Everything is built to your specifications and already upgraded. Being new means your home was constructed with cutting-edge designs, contemporary construction techniques, and top-notch materials to ensure a low-maintenance lifestyle moving forward. After moving in, your new home warranty means you won’t need to spend a dime on repairs or renovations.

Here in Estrella, you can build the home of your dreams. Whether you choose to build a new home, select one of our quick move-in options, or even a custom home site, you’re sure to find a home that suits your family’s needs and preferences. For additional tips and resources, check out our How-To Guide on New Home Buying. For more information about Estrella, contact our New Home Information Center at 623-386-1000.

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