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man and woman running on a trail

04 December . 2019

Trail Running Tips

Getting tired of pounding the pavement on your daily run? Change it up with trail running. Not only does the workout allow you to explore the 70+ miles of beautiful trails in Estrella, but it also boosts your strength, agility, and balance unlike any other form of exercise. This year, ditch the gym and start trail running with these helpful tips.

Invest in Trail Running Shoes

You’re likely to encounter loose rock, uneven terrain, and slippery gravel while trail running, so it’s important to wear the proper footwear to keep you protected. Unlike traditional running shoes, trail running shoes have added traction to keep you stabilized and are designed with extra cushioning to help reduce the impact on your joints. They also tend to be a little stiffer to help prevent a sprained ankle or a tear in the shoe’s material. There are many varieties available, so check out this guide to help you pick the perfect pair for you.

Find Your Trail

In Estrella, residents have direct access to more than 50 miles of trails that are suitable for hiking, biking, or walking and the community’s single-track options are perfect for creating an exhilarating route for trail runners of all skill levels. With diverse terrain, elevation changes, and spectacular scenery, Estrella’s trails provide the much-needed thrill you’ve been seeking to mix up your workout routine. Phoenix is also home to a variety of other routes perfect for trail running, such as Piestewa Peak’s Summit Trail, South Mountain Park and Preserve and Papago Park. With so many places to explore, the Phoenix metro area is the ideal place to start your trail running journey!

Picturesque trail

Give Yourself Time

Trail running can be very demanding and take a lot more energy than traditional running, especially on trails with large elevation changes or exceptionally rocky terrain. Start slow and stop for breaks periodically. Take the time to catch your breath and enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of Arizona’s beautiful desert landscape. For new trail runners, taking the mountain at a slower pace will also allow you to get more familiar with the trail and reduce your chances of trail mishaps.

Safety First

New runners tend to keep their eyes locked on their feet when first navigating the trails, however, this can easily lead to slipping or falling. Instead, direct your focus three to four feet ahead of you. This tactic will help you better anticipate any upcoming obstacles. Taking the time to learn proper hiking etiquette will also help you avoid any collisions with other hikers, runners, or mountain bikers. For added safety, leave a note or text a friend about your trail running plans before leaving the house, just in case of an unexpected emergency.

Trail Guide

Whether you’re running, hiking, or biking, being prepared is always a first priority. Check out our list of
must-have items and accessories to help make the most out of your time on the trails. Happy trail running!