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Three women enjoying each other's company in the backyard

23 December . 2019

Nice Things You Can Do for Your Neighbor

Living in Estrella is about more than finding your dream home, it’s a distinct lifestyle. One that includes a close-knit community and friendly neighborhoods. Whether you’re new to the community or a long time resident, here are a few simple things you can do to spread some kindness and get to know your neighbors.

Introduce Yourself

It may sound obvious, but making the effort to introduce yourself to your neighbors can go a long way in helping create a friendly and welcoming environment. No need to make it a formal event, just take a few minutes to knock on their door or pop over when they’re on the front porch to introduce yourself and get to know them. Bring over a bottle of wine or plate of freshly baked cookies for an added touch.

In the future, make it a point to say hello, ask how their day is going, or offer to help carry in their groceries. These small acts of kindness can easily make someone’s day and you’ll make a new friend in the process. Also, taking the time to remember, and use, your neighbor’s name may seem simple, but it’s a great way to make someone feel extra special.

Cook an Extra Meal

Plate of spaghetti
Photo Credit: Cupcake Diaries

We all have those days when cooking gets put on the back burner and you end up exhausted and hungry at dinner time. If you’re looking for a surefire way to brighten someone’s day, cook an extra homemade meal and deliver it to your neighbors. Meals such as mac and cheese, spaghetti bake , instant pot Italian sausage pasta, and creamy tomato and tortellini soup are all delicious options that are not only family-friendly, but also simple to heat up and serve in a matter of minutes. If your neighbors prefer gluten-free options, try this gluten-free fettuccine pasta with tomatoes and lemon. For added convenience, package your meals in disposable containers so your neighbor won’t feel obligated to return your dishes.

Host a Cookout or Neighborhood Gathering

Hosting a cookout or neighborhood gathering is always a great way to spread some kindness and unite everyone in your community. Stock up on food, beverages, and games and get ready for a relaxing and fun evening ahead. If you’re not prepared to host a big party, invite a few neighbors over for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. The sentiment will still go a long way in making everyone feel welcome and appreciated.

Pro Tip: If you’re planning a private party or gathering at your home, let your neighbors know in advance and be mindful of your noise level. Being considerate of other’s schedules is the first step to becoming a great neighbor.

Send a Welcome Basket

Want to welcome a new family into the neighborhood? Put together a welcome basket filled with sweet treats, a bottle of wine or Italian soda, gift cards to local eateries, and any other helpful tips navigating the area. Consider downloading and printing our handy area guide and trails map. Your small gift will immediately make them feel at home and create a sense of community. If you don’t have anyone new to the area, you can still participate in the activity and take care packages to existing neighbors. Just fill your basket accordingly!

Kid’s Playdate

Children playing on their bikes with adults supervising

If you and your new neighbor have kids of similar ages, invite them over for a playdate. Either you will be offering the parents an hour or two of kid-free time or they’ll come over and enjoy some adult-time as well, giving you a new friend next door.

If you’re looking for an easy way to meet the whole neighborhood, check out the Lakeside Farmers Market, food truck night, or movie night at North Lake to meet and mingle with neighbors in an easy, non-pressing environment. Check out our community events page to learn more about all the events in and around Estrella.