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Children playing video games

05 December . 2019

5 Ways to Repurpose Your Unused Space

Whether it’s the formal dining room, spare bedroom, or living room, we all have that one space in our home that rarely, or never, gets used. Instead of letting it go to waste, transform it into your new favorite room in the house. From game rooms to home gyms, here are just a few ways to make the most out of every square-foot of your home.

Game Room

Put the fun in functional by converting your abandoned space into the ultimate game room. Fill the area with board games, a pinball machine, or the kid’s gaming systems and decorate with comfortable couches, bean bags chairs, and colorful pillows. You can even add a mini fridge to tie the room together and surprise the kids with their favorite beverages and snacks. If you’re looking for a more adult-friendly version, throw a pool or poker table into the mix and infuse some fun, bar-inspired décor. With these simple tricks, it’s guaranteed your underutilized space will quickly become the most popular room in the house.

Two gentlemen playing billiards

Home Gym

Having trouble squeezing a trip to the gym into your busy schedule? Transform your underused space into a home gym to make working out more convenient than ever. Start with free weights and a yoga mat, and then add a couple of your favorite equipment pieces. In no time at all you will have created your own private gym, free of crowded lines and membership fees. You can even add a Bluetooth speaker to blast your tunes or mount a television on the wall to catch-up on all of your favorite shows while you work out.

Man working out on an treadmill

Home Office or Workspace

If you work from home or tend to bring work home, an office may be the perfect solution for your unused space, especially underused formal dining rooms. To create your office, all you need is a desk, comfortable chair, and plenty of shelves to keep you organized. Decorate with artwork and colors that reflect your personality and motivate you throughout the day. In fact, studies have shown that infusing blue into your space can help stimulate your mind and increase productivity.

Man working at his desk in a home office

To make the room more versatile, consider adding a Murphy bed or furniture with hidden storage units to double it as a guest room.

Movie Theater

In-home movie theaters are a great way to transform an unused space into something fun the whole family can enjoy. First, hang a flat screen television on the wall or install a projector. Then, fill the room with lounge chairs or movie theater seats to give everyone their own personal spot to enjoy the film, similar to the real theater. Top it off with a popcorn machine and you’ve just created an in-home movie theater. You can even hang old movie posters on the walls for some fun, themed décor.

Many Estrella builders offer customizable floor plans or flex space options to minimize the occurrence of unused space in your home. To learn more about the new home builders and variety of floor plans available, click here or give us a call at 623-386-1000.