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30 August . 2019

Estrella Receives Firewise Designation

Estrella is proud to be recognized as a designated firewise community. This designation plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of our residents and Estrella as a whole. Here’s some helpful information about what the firewise designation is, why it’s an honor for our master-planned community, and how you can contribute.

About the Firewise Designation
The firewise designation is a grassroots preparedness program that encourages people to get actively involved in reducing fire risks. This includes everything from implementing basic fire safety in your everyday life to participating in community fire prevention programs and activities. Fire risks include dangers that may be encountered by individual homeowners and our community as a whole. The designation is presented to communities who have proactively taken action to engage residents in efforts to prevent wildfires.

Becoming a Designated Community
To receive a firewise designation, a community must go through multiple steps to complete the Firewise USA® program. Estrella residents, members of the HOA and the City of Goodyear teamed up to complete the program and earn the designation for our community.

As part of the process, our community organized a one-day outreach program where a large group of individuals came together to actively go out in the community and clean up fire risks such as dead vegetation and debris. In fall of 2018, a clean-up event was held to clean up debris along Corgett Wash, one of the zones in Estrella that is transitioning from wildland to human development. Thanks to everyone involved, 25 bags of debris and approximately four tons of chipped material were removed from Corgett Wash, reducing the wildland fire threat in the area.

How You Can Make a Difference
In the event of a fire, not only are homes in danger, but residents can potentially be affected by poor air quality. It’s important to be aware of the dangers of wildfires and do your part to prevent them. With the help and support of all our residents, we can ensure Estrella is a safe place for residents and visitors alike. Below are a few ways to help contribute to fire prevention while at home and out enjoying the beautiful Arizona landscape.

• Refrain from lighting matches in windy conditions
• Never leave candles lit when you aren’t in the room
• Don’t leave a campfire unattended
• Minimize outdoor debris such as piles of dead plan materials
• Only dispose of matches and smoking materials in closed containers

Being a designated firewise community is just one of the many reasons why residents are so proud to live in Estrella. To learn more about our community, visit Estrella.com or contact us at 623-386-1000.