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08 April . 2019

The 10 Best Grilled Cheeses To Try At Home

Here at Estrella, we offer a variety of home options with beautiful kitchens designed to fit every family’s culinary needs. Put your new kitchen to use and consider cooking up a tasty grilled cheese. Whether you’re prepping for a picnic at South Lake or need a quick afternoon snack, these sandwiches are the perfect comfort food. Here are a few of our favorite combinations.

Grilled Cheese With Bacon and Tomato
One of the most common grilled cheeses, this is pretty simple to throw together. Make a classic grilled cheese and throw some bacon and tomato in the middle. It only takes another minute or two and will add an extra touch of flavor.

Grown Up Grilled Cheese
For the super cheese lovers, try out Casa Del Mar Café’s Grown Up Grilled Cheese. This popular sandwich is made with Swiss, provolone, and American cheese to create a creamy and rich taste sensation.

The Dessert Grilled Cheese
This may sound untraditional, but consider whipping up grilled cheese for dessert. Swap out the classic American cheese for some ricotta and add in some mixed berries. Cut up your sandwich into small slices and you have a perfect after dinner dessert the whole family can enjoy.

Grilled Cheese For Breakfast
Start your morning with a delicious grilled cheese breakfast sandwich. Add all the breakfast essentials to the standard sandwich, including eggs and sausage, ham, or bacon. Finish it off by adding a handful of spinach and maybe even a touch of maple syrup. This sandwich will leave you ready to take on the day.

Pesto Grilled Cheese
Nothing adds a fresh kick to a grilled cheese sandwich like a pesto spread. This pairs well with provolone cheese and crusty sourdough bread. Use pesto from a jar or bring it up a notch by making your own homemade fresh pesto.

Kid’s Grilled Cheese
For kids 12 and under, try out the “Kid’s Fare’Way” grilled cheese at the Player’s Grill and Patio. To make it even better, this sandwich is served with a choice of chips or fries and a fountain drink. The Player’s Grill & Patio also offers a variety of other delicious options.

Grilled Cheese With Mac
Combine two classic meals: grilled cheese and mac n’ cheese. It may sound like a bit much, but it’s hard to resist gooey cheesy filling. This sandwich is so quick and easy to make, perfect for a hearty weeknight meal. Cook your mac n’ cheese fresh and refrigerate leftovers to reheat throughout the week to use in your sandwich.

The Grilled Cheese Pizza
Change up the classic pizza night with a grilled cheese pizza. Layers of cheese, pepperoni, and seasonings make a tasty meal for the entire family. Add as many of your favorite pizza toppings as you want to customize it to your liking.

Spinach and Artichoke Grilled Cheese
If you’re feeling adventurous, try this spinach and artichoke grilled cheese recipe. It tastes delicious and will give you those much-needed greens and vegetables for the day. For more flavor, add garlic, fresh spinach, and sun-dried tomatoes.

BBQ Grilled Cheese
The BBQ pulled pork grilled cheese is the ideal sandwich for any meat lover. Similar to a BBQ pulled pork sandwich, the grilled cheese version includes an irresistible layer of melted cheese. If your sandwich isn’t messy enough, feel free to add coleslaw or serve it on the side.

There are plenty of delicious grilled cheese combinations to enjoy any time of the day. However, if grilled cheese isn’t your thing, check out other dining options throughout the Estrella community including Casa Del Mar Café, The Player’s Grill & Patio, and Lakeside Grill. Also be sure to visit the new Café Bebida at the grand opening of our newest village, Lucero, on April 27. The café will be located in Casa Lucero, Estrella’s new welcome center.