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Custom home built in Estrella, exterior view.

15 October . 2018

Custom Home Design Trends

Did you know Estrella offers custom home site neighborhoods? You can reap the benefits of living in a master-planned community in Goodyear while also creating a unique home that is designed especially for you. If this is something you are considering but aren’t sure where to start when it comes to designing a home, then this blog is for you. Custom home builders across the country are noticing a few common themes that are great for homeowners, regardless of location.

The “Messy” Kitchen
Open concept floor plans continue to be a staple in modern home design but that often means your kitchen is exposed from all angles. Custom homeowners are looking for a way to entertain guests while also maintaining a flawless kitchen. The solution? A second prep space known as the messy kitchen. Often tucked just behind the main kitchen, this prep space is expanded from the traditional butler’s pantry. It typically features a refrigerator, dishwasher, full cabinetry, and built-in shelving. Some homeowners request adding a stove to the messy kitchen to ensure that the main kitchen stays clean.

The Right-Size Lifestyle
A major trend among baby boomers and empty nesters is the right-size lifestyle. These homeowners are looking for smaller homes that are easier to maintain, but still fit their high-end taste. Key elements include fewer bedrooms and bathrooms (typically no more than two to three each), a floor plan ranging from 1,800 to 2,200 square feet, and low-maintenance yards. Despite a smaller footprint, these homes still feature high-end fixtures and details that maintain a luxury feel.

Single Level Homes
Single-level homes are popular among families living in Estrella. Those building a custom home have the option to build out, instead of up. Families with small children appreciate the single-story floor plan that features open sightlines, allowing them to keep an eye on the kids. A single floor also means they don’t have to worry about falling hazards, like stairs. The single level is also popular for those who are caring for aging parents, known as the multi-generational trend. Older family members can be independent as they age, without the need to climb stairs.

The Craftsman
Popular HGTV shows have viewers swooning over the farmhouse style but the reality is, the craftsman is here to stay. This timeless design continues to top the “best sellers” list when it comes to custom homes. Craftsman styles feature flexible floor plans and traditional touches like exterior pillars and cozy fireplaces. It also translates well in both a single-level and multi-story floorplan. Homeowners can grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the scenic views from their porch in this classic home. If you’re looking for some inspiration, take a look at these craftsman-style homes currently offered by community builders in Estrella:

 Pinnacle West Homes
 Richmond American Homes
 William Ryan Homes

While these may be some of the top trends, when building a custom home, the options are truly endless. Interested in learning more about how you can create your perfect home in Estrella? Visit our Custom Home Sites page for more information.

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