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07 November . 2018

Hosting Holiday House Guests

The holiday season is most often celebrated with family and friends, with many coming from out of town for overnight visits. And while we can’t blame anyone for wanting to spend a few extra days in the beautiful master-planned community Estrella, hosting guests can be hectic this time of year. Below we’ve provided a few tips to making house guests feel welcome, while keeping yourself sane during the busy holiday season.

Set the stage
Whether you have a dedicated guest room or are relocating the kiddos for the night, before guests arrive be sure their space is clean and inviting. You don’t have to go as far as physically turning down the sheets (unless you’re fancy like that) but clean bedding and towels will help make your guests comfortable. If you want to go the extra mile, put out a basket of necessities including travel-sized toiletries, a note with the Wi-Fi password, a bottle of water and a few midnight snacks to make them feel right at home.

Orange bedroom

Fuel the Fun
Stock up on basics like coffee, tea, milk, eggs, bread, fruit, and cheese. Many holiday festivities revolve around planned meals – brunch, cocktail parties, formal dinners, etc. – but stocking a few essentials means you can throw together a quick breakfast/lunch/snack to avoid bouts of “hangry” family interactions. Be sure to ask if your guests have any food restrictions and provide plenty of healthy options.


Plan Ahead
One of the most challenging things about a house guest is that they are there, in your house, all the time. Without overloading your schedule, have a few set plans to help ensure you aren’t cooped up in the house all day, letting Arizona’s beautiful winter weather go to waste. If there are already plenty of scheduled activities, consider keeping a mental list of places your guests might like to visit or things you can do together in case there ends up being more downtime than anticipated.

Despite the festive season, many people still have work and other commitments that will make it necessary to leave guests alone at some point. Something that’s sure to be appreciated is a map and/or list of local attractions your family and friends can explore solo. The handy Estrella Area Guide is a great place to start mapping out suggested shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Be sure to mark the Golf Club of Estrella and leave a guest pass for entry into the residents clubs.

Man teeing up at Golf Course of Estrella

Take Care of Yourself
Trying to be the ultimate host can be exhausting. Don’t be afraid to carve out some time for yourself, even if it means taking an extra half an hour before bed to read a book or getting up a little early to enjoy coffee by yourself on the patio. After your guests leave, consider booking a massage or treating yourself to a housecleaning service so you can recharge and reset after the festivities.

Don’t forget, there is plenty to do and see within the Estrella community. Download a map to the more than 40 miles of scenic hiking/biking trails and learn about local events at Estrella.com.