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two kids jumping in pool at Presidio Residents Club

07 May . 2018

Tips for Getting Your Pool Ready for Summer

Gather Your Tools and Materials

Water Test Kit
Pool chemicals
Pool brush
Pool vacuum (head + hose)
Telescopic pole

Inspect Vital Components

Your pool’s pump and filter are crucial to the quality of your pool. As you begin prepping for pool season, inspect these important parts to ensure proper and clean water circulation. If needed, contact your local professional to service the pump so you don’t miss a single relaxing day with friends and family.

Shock Your Pool

Typically, this is one of the first steps when getting your pool ready for the summer. Shock acts as a sanitizer and keeps the water clean from bacteria and chloramines, the remnants from chlorine that attach to contaminants. There are several types of pool shocks that all accomplish the same task but better serve different situations depending on the pool setup. If you are unsure of which type of shock is right for you, consult your local pool store – one of which is Leslie’s Pool Supplies conveniently located at Mountain Ranch Marketplace.

Test and Balance Water

If your water is visually clean, one of the final tasks is balancing the chemical levels of the pool. Using a test kit, check the pH, total chlorine, alkalinity and calcium hardness. Many chemical packages will provide recommended amounts and remedies to balance each chemical. If you’re unsure, you can bring a sample of your pool water to most pool supply stores for a free water test and they will advise you on which supplies you need to balance your pool. If you’re not a fan of DIY projects, consider hiring a pool service technician who will check your levels on a frequent basis.

Create Your Outdoor Oasis

Take your backyard to the next level with the latest trends in outdoor décor. A few things to keep in mind when decorating your dream backyard include selecting the right furniture, incorporating shade, creating an ambiance, and organizing with style. Here are a few simple ideas for upgrading backyard decor:

• Nothing beats the inviting and comforting glow of candlelight. Candles can update any space and bring warmth to any occasion; floating candles are an even more creative touch.

• Simple storage solutions for pool toys and cleaning supplies made with natural materials like wood or faux-stone help to avoid clutter and hide messes without creating an eyesore.

• Waterproof furniture will help transform your backyard into an extended living space for your home and provide pool-side lounging options. Add colorful cushions and side tables to enhance comfort and functionality. This durable furniture will also stand the test of time out in the sun and through any type of weather that comes its way.

• Besides the practical function, pool shades can add significantly to the appearance of your backyard or patio. The most popular are shade sails because they allow for installation at various angles.

Chemically balanced and clean, all that is left is to grab your friends, family, and a cold beverage to enjoy the summer poolside.

If you don’t have a pool, Estrella residents can cool off at the two residents clubs. With the exciting StarSplash WaterPark at Starpointe, resort-style pools and splash pads at both residents clubs, you have plenty of options for fun in the sun.