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13 June . 2018

Energy-Saving Tips for Summer

When the temperatures rise and the kids are home from school, you’ll likely notice a spike in your energy bill. Here at our master-planned community in Goodyear, Ariz. we know the importance of cutting costs and limiting our impact on the environment around us. That’s why we’ve partnered with so many great home builders that utilize ENERGY STAR® appliances and other energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. Here are some of our favorite energy-saving tips to get you through the summer.

Keep your air conditioner in tip-top shape
One of the easiest ways to cut back on energy consumption is by taking care of your AC unit. Schedule routine checks with your local air conditioning professional and regularly replace your air filters to ensure your unit is performing at the highest level.

Have a barbeque
Yes, having a barbeque can help cut your energy costs! By taking the cooking outdoors, you limit the use of heat-generating appliances inside the house. For the sake of keeping the house cool, throw some burgers on the grill and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Need a little inspiration? Check out these backyard barbeque themes the whole family will enjoy.

Utilize ceiling fans
Ceiling fans can actually make your house feel four degrees cooler than what the thermostat says. This will allow you to raise your thermostat without compromising comfort. Just remember that ceiling fans cool people, not rooms. You’ll keep costs even lower by turning them off when they’re not being used.

Program your thermostat
Turning the air up a few degrees when leaving the house for extended periods of time can make a major difference in your energy consumption. Next time you head out for a week-long vacation – or even just an eight-hour workday – remember to turn the air up and limit wasted energy.

Monitor your electronics
This tip is especially important when the kids are home from school for the summer months. Between computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, you end up with 10 different electronic devices that continuously need to be charged. These devices also generate heat from continuous use. Try limiting electronics to certain times of the day and be sure to turn them off when finished.

Low-flow faucets and showerheads
You may not realize it, but low-flow water fixtures not only lower your water consumption, but they can also lower your energy bill. Nearly 73 percent of water used during a typical shower is hot. With a low-flow showerhead, you can cut the amount of hot water used and the amount of energy it takes to heat the water. It’s a win-win in our book!

These are just a few ways you can save energy during the summer months. For more tips and tricks, you can read the U.S. Department of Energy’s blog here.