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11 June . 2018

5 Things to Childproof In Your Home That You May Have Forgotten

At our master-planned community in Goodyear, Ariz. we have families in all stages of life and we’ve been a part of them all. So, whether you have a family with young children or a grandparent with weekend visits from the grandkids, we hope this list will help keep your precious little ones safe.

Most people know the standard childproofing steps like outlet covers or rubber bumpers for sharp corners. But, there are a few lesser-known things that can prove to be a hazard if the proper precautions aren’t taken. Below are five things to remember to childproof at home.

Television Sets
If your TV is mounted to the wall, two big thumbs up! This is a great option for kids when trying to avoid falling hazards – just make sure the cords are hidden. If you currently have a TV that sits on a stand, research your options when it comes to mounting it on the wall or utilizing furniture straps to hold it in place. If you need help deciding or are looking for a professional to install a wall mount, check out Best Buy’s Geek Squad.

There are two things in particular that you should be aware of when child proofing windows:
1. Cords – Make sure any cords from window treatments are safely tucked away and out of reach. Toddlers, especially, can get tangled when exploring or trying to climb to see outside.
2. Locks – Even windows with screen coverings can be a falling hazard for children. The screen can easily pop out of place when tested against the weight of a child. It’s best to make sure that windows have a lock to keep them secured shut.

Dressers, entry tables, and other climbable furniture
Accidents from unsecured furniture are often in the news, yet most people think it will never happen to them. Do a sweep of your home and take a look at which furniture items could fall over should a child climb on them:
• Entry tables
• Dressers
• Nightstands
• Bookcases
The list goes on and on. Stay on the safe side and secure any climbable furniture to the wall. Most stores carry do-it-yourself kits like this one. Some now offer a service to secure furniture for you, like IKEA.

You may not realize how quickly kids can learn to open doors. Dead bolts are a great way to ensure that doors say shut and you won’t find your child wandering in the front yard. Just make sure the dead bolt is out of reach from little hands. Don’t have a dead bolt? There are other handle cover options to make it more difficult for children to open.

Plants offer many benefits, like improving indoor air quality and boosting your mood. Just be sure to keep them out of reach of children. Something as simple as a house plant can leave a child with an “owie” if it has thorns or a stomach ache if poisonous. The biggest danger in plants can be the potting soil, so check the label for a family-friendly option.

For those in our master-planned community, you know that cacti are the perfect desert accessory to any home. Just be sure to keep these beautiful plants’ spines away from arm’s reach when the littlest of family members are around. This Huffington Post article has some great tips for safe, childproof plants as an alternative.

Once your new home in Estrella is thoroughly childproofed, enjoy a break outside with one of these fun activities for a day at our signature parks.