Lucero Construction Update

Throughout the year, residents will see ongoing construction activity near the entrance of the community as site work continues on Lucero. Located on the parcel of land adjacent to Estrella Parkway, on the northwest side of the road between Cotton Lane and Star Tower, Lucero will be Estrella’s newest community and encompass 617 acres for new homes and amenities.

Plant salvage and land blasting have been completed and it is time to begin the grading stage of development. In case you were wondering, here are a few things to know about land grading.

What is grading?

Grading is the process of leveling the land so it is ready for foundations, roadways, and landscaping. This includes spreading and packing dirt, and when needed, taking earth from higher areas to fill in lower sections to equalize the surface of the development. During the grading process, a specialized team of contractors will also carefully contour the land, creating slopes for drainage purposes.

Grading Land

Clearing the land

The area was previously cleared in preparation for earthwork and Newland was careful to preserve the natural plant life by identifying and marking plants that could be saved and relocated. During the salvage, 1,534 plants were dug out by their roots, wrapped for protection and potted for storage and transportation. Plants are boxed and placed in a nursery area until they can be safely replanted in the community. From the Lucero site, more than 850 native trees, 181 Saguaros, and 472 smaller cacti were salvaged.

Native Plant Salvage

No Dust Issues

Newland selects specialized contractors who are experts in their field and experienced in dust control measures. The team will ensure the project adheres to Maricopa County dust control requirements.

Lucero in Estrella

Grading for Lucero Phase 1 will continue for the next five to six months and should have little to no impact on current residents or traffic in the area. As the managing developer of Estrella, Newland is committed to bringing new offerings into the community to better serve existing and future residents. We are excited to be making progress on Lucero and will keep residents updated throughout the process. Any questions or concerns can be directed to the Estrella Information Center by calling 623-386-1000.