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Shelves on a wall for decor and storage ideas

28 August . 2018

Home Decor Tips to Maximize Storage Space for Every Room in the House

You’ve found the perfect floor plan in the Estrella community that meets the needs of your family. Maybe it has extra room for the grandparents or more garage space for recreational vehicles. What’s the next step after buying your dream home? Moving in, maximizing the space, and adding some personal flair into your home décor!

While styling your home, it’s important to think of ways to effectively utilize your new space. Keep on reading for pro tips on how to make the most out of every room in your home.

Make More Room in the Bedroom

  1. Closet space – Optimize a new closet by organizing items based on categories. Designate a place for shoes, shirts, accessories, suits, etc. For all the things that can’t be stored on hangers, it’s recommended to add a hanging shelf to your closet. These convenient shelves hang on garment rods and are the perfect place for ties or purses.
  1. Storage chest – This functional piece of furniture can be used to store any number of things. There are a variety of styles and price points to fit your needs or perhaps you’d like to have one built to match your decor.

  1. Storage bed – The bedroom is a place you see as your sanctuary, a place to recharge your batteries. However, if your bedroom is filled with clothes, towels, and other clutter, it can be far from relaxing. Enter the storage bed. Utilize the space underneath the bed to add drawers and cubbies for storage. It’s a convenient design that maximizes storage space and functionality.

Drawers under bed for extra storage.

  1. Floating nightstand – A wall mounted nightstand is a clean and modern storage solution that’s perfect for the bedroom. They can be purchased in any size or shape, customized to your taste, and they allow for extra floor space underneath for additional storage.

Floating nightstand with flower vase under lamp in bedroom.

Keep That Killer Kitchen Clutter Free

  1. Pantry storage – Pantries used to be a second thought in the kitchen, but today there are many websites and blogs dedicated to showing how to store your non-perishable food. To keep the pantry organized, invest in clear containers and a label maker. When you open your pantry door, you’ll be able to easily see and pick out the ingredients you need.

  1. Wine rack – Where to store wine is not usually top of mind when decorating, but if you don’t think ahead, it can end up taking up valuable counter space. A wine rack will save space and protect your bottles. Remember to place your rack away from direct sunlight to preserve the quality of your wine.

 Wine rack to maximize storage space in Estrella home.

  1. Hanging pot rack – A pot rack built to hang saves space while adding an element of style to the kitchen. Having pots of different metals like copper will complement grainy woods and stone countertops alike.

  1. Cocktail hutch – A cabinet made just for happy hour! Cocktail hutches are a great way to keep cocktail accessories and ingredients organized. Find a design that fits your space perfectly and use it to store cocktail glasses, wine glasses, wine bottles, bottle openers, napkins, and even dishes.
  1. Pet food station – A designated feeding station for your four-legged friend provides ideal storage for your pet’s food, water, and treats. No more tripping over food bowls! Many stations come with extra shelves for additional storage you may need.


Streamline Your Living Room

  1. Storage ottoman – Ottomans are the jack-of-all-trades of living room furniture. They serve as extra seating, a coffee table, a footrest, or a comfy place for your family pet to curl up. Some ottomans provide under-lid storage perfect for blankets, pillows, or books. There are many affordable ottoman options available, but you can also invest in a beautiful custom piece to perfectly fit your household décor with stain-resistant upholstery to defend against stains from pets or children.

 Inside of living room with artistic decor, plants, and couch.

  1. Small bookcase – A bookcase is a great accent piece for a room that offers open-air shelving to display things prominently. Pictures, books, and devices can all be stored, with a design to complement any room.

  1. Wall shelving – Hexagon or circular wall shelves offer a unique and eye-catching storage option for your home. Whether it’s a living room, office, or flex space, these shelving options let you create patterns and mix different colors to spice things up. The depth and size you choose also offers a large variety of storage options for books, pictures, candles, and various knick-knacks.

Hexagon wooden wall shelves with plants.

  1. Toy chest – Toys littered across your family room or playroom cause clutter and tripping hazards. A kid’s toy chest helps eliminate this problem. Choosing a toy chest with wheels on the bottom will let you easily move the chest from room to room, if necessary.


Make Space in the Bathroom and Laundry Room

  1. Bathroom medicine cabinet – Adding a message board to the cabinet is a brilliant use of space that will hide all those things that take up valuable space on countertops. Try converting a conventional medicine cabinet by adding chalkboard paint to the front or the back. Insert shelves and cup hooks inside as needs dictate and you have a conversation piece.
  1. Laundry rooms – Gone are the days where laundry rooms were relegated to a dark basement or a corner of a garage as a mere afterthought. Today’s laundry rooms are designed with a level of detail and thoughtfulness that will make your life easier and stress-free. Adding a folding table will help on laundry day and is the perfect place to sort laundry and fold clothes. If the space allows, installing a hanging rod is a great feature that is useful for hanging clothes to dry.

Interior design solution to maximize laundry storage space.


Genius Solutions for the Garage and Backyard

  1. Potting Bench – If you have a green thumb and love gardening, then a potting bench is a must. Plot plants and keep gardening tools within reach. Believe it or not, having a beautiful garden in Arizona is possible! We recommend planting crops like carrots, spinach, and sunflowers as they can withstand our desert climate. For a versatile potting bench, choose a foldable one or one with wheels that allows for easy transportation.


  1. Outdoor storage bench – A storage bench is a beautiful place to sit and relax in your backyard, while also providing storage for things like your yard tools and water hose. If you decide to go with a wooden bench, we recommend choosing teak wood. It will last you for up to 50 years and won’t absorb heat.
  1. Built in BBQ – Barbeques on the back patio are a great place to host social gatherings for friends and family and help fully utilize your indoor/outdoor space. By creating a built-in BBQ, you have the flexibility to set aside cooking appliances, enjoy more counter space and keep your focus on the grilling task at hand.

BBQ station outside to maximize storage space as proposed by Estrella home decor blog.

  1. Garage Storage – While garages provide extra space, knowing how to maximize this space is essential. Common garage storage is usually a couple of shelves screwed into drywall with a couple of hooks. This does the space a disservice and doesn’t truly maximize the storage potential. Here are a few ways to truly master your garage:
  • Install a ceiling storage system – these systems are easy to create, and feature bins that slide in and out. Say goodbye to clutter on your garage floor!
  • Create an entire wall storage shelf – there many are great DIY guides out there for building a wall storage system in your garage, and the one thing they all have in common is they organize tools into an easy to access system that frees up garage space.
  • Organize your garage into zones – The purpose of each zone is up to you—perhaps each zone represents the things needed for each season including holiday decor. This system makes it easy to remember where things are when you need them, and easily declutters your space.


  1. Workshop space – If a workshop is what you’re looking for, here are some things to consider when creating your workshop space to optimize storage:
  • Workbench – Whether you build or buy a workbench, it needs to be the right size, shape, and location for the work you plan to do. It also needs to be able to withstand the projects you intend to work on. It should have a strong leg stand along with a top made of a material that’s able to withstand dings and scratches.
  • Tool storage – Tools will be the most critical thing in your workshop so make sure to buy or build a tool storage system that will adequately protect your investments. Be sure to have drawers that open and close smoothly, and drawer mats to keep tools from sliding around.
  • Lighting – Having adequate lighting will ensure you can see and focus on everything you need to do.


If you need some extra storage options before you move in, visit the Estrella homefinder and see how our esteemed homebuilders can help you make the space your own.