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Aerial drone shot of new construction area in Lucero

03 April . 2018

Casa Lucero Update

As the managing developer of Estrella, Newland is continuously working to grow and improve this vibrant community. We are excited to provide an update on the latest addition to Estrella, the community of Lucero, and the unique new information center, Casa Lucero. The new 617-acre community first broke ground in 2017 and will be home to new neighborhoods, parks, trails, and amenities.

Casa Lucero will serve as a hub of community information that demonstrates the lively lifestyle of Estrella for both current and future residents. Plans for Casa Lucero include interactive displays, community images and maps, work space, complimentary Wi-Fi, casual sitting areas, and conference rooms available for creative planning sessions, group meetings, and real estate agents.

A hallmark over the years has been Newland’s ability to deliver an elevated customer experience within its Welcome Centers and Casa Lucero will be no different. Final plans for the enhanced experience at Casa Lucero are being finalized and we are excited to share more details with residents in the coming month.

Moving the Information Center to the entrance of Estrella, Casa Lucero will feature approximately 5,000 square-feet of usable indoor and outdoor space, and function similarly to the existing center near Starpointe. Ground blasting and drilling for Casa Lucero took place in mid-April followed by grading to make way for foundations, roadways, and landscaping.

Newland and its capital partner have no specific plans at this time for the existing Information Center. Instead, we are keenly focused on two major projects underway in the community, Lucero and planning for Montecito Phase Three which together encompass more than 1,400 acres. We are concentrating on these projects to be certain that they reflect the high quality and sharp attention to detail that residents have come to expect in Estrella. The long-term plans for the existing Information Center will be addressed at a later date.

With each new neighborhood, resident club or community amenity, Newland is dedicated to a thoughtful and methodical process with our planning and decision making. Lucero and Casa Lucero are no different and have been in the works for more than five years. It takes time and careful planning to expand on the exceptional way of living found in Estrella.

More details for these exciting additions to our community will be announced as they are finalized, and we will strive to keep residents updated on the progress of Lucero through HOA communications and blogs on Estrella.com. If you have questions about the status of the activity taking place, please submit them to Estrella@newlandcommunities.com.

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