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aerial image of Lucero land area

20 September . 2017

Developer Update: Progress On Lucero Site

With a commitment to creating places and experiences where people connect, are inspired and thrive, Newland Communities, as managing developer for Estrella, has spent the past three years carefully and thoughtfully planning our next community. It’s a multi-faceted process that requires every detail to be considered, right down to when and where the first shovel full of earth is moved and how these details impact those already living in this beautiful community.
We pride ourselves on continuously growing and improving our mixed-use master planned communities to meet the needs of current and future residents. We are especially excited about beginning activity on our newest community, Lucero.

In early July, residents and guests may have noticed contractor movement on the parcel of land adjacent to Estrella Parkway – on the northwest side of the road between Cotton Lane and Star Tower as we began prepping the area for development. After completion of native plant salvage, the next phase in the development process will be blasting and grading. Because Estrella is located along a mountain range, the ground contains extremely hard materials that cannot be moved with heavy construction equipment alone. Blasting loosens the earth and rocky outcrops so grading activity can commence and utility lines can be installed.

While “blasting” can sound a bit daunting, you can rest assured that Newland enters into this process with safety as our top concern. Below we’ve provided some details and fast facts about this exciting next step in the growth of our community.

Preparation for all basting in the Estrella community is carefully planned and orchestrated. The process includes boring logs and soil reports, test drilling, and using 3D models to map out exact blasting sites. Planning can take up to a year and involves working with several departments at the City of Goodyear which include Engineering, Fire, and Building & Safety. Newland also works with a third-party monitoring company throughout the blasting process.


Once the blast site is identified, a precise 8 foot by 8 foot pattern of small holes is drilled in the area to be blasted. Each hole is approximately 3 ½ inches in diameter and a minimum of 8 feet deep. Granular explosives along with an electronic detention system are used for a controlled blast.

Blasting at the Lucero site will begin in September 2017 and run through January 2018. Typically, the blasts are scheduled between noon and 2 p.m. during school hours when community traffic is minimal, as traffic may be stopped during blasting. The process only takes three minutes and there will only be one blast per day, approximately two to three times per week.

While this is routine construction activity, residents should feel free to direct any questions or concerns to the Estrella Information Center by calling 623.386.1000.