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a man and girl walking with a dog on a hiking path

10 October . 2017

What’s in Your Bag: Hiking

The world is your oyster and Estrella residents can make the most of it with access to more than 40 miles of hiking and biking trails. Before you begin enjoying the great desert scenery of the Sierra Estrella Mountains, here are a few must-have items and accessories to help make the most of your time on the trails.

As any Arizonan knows, it is of upmost importance to pack plenty of water for outdoor adventures, both small and large. With insulated bottles and hydration bladders that fit into backpacks, it’s easy to carry plenty of water for your day on the trails. Plus, don’t forget to hydrate appropriately before you hit the road home – dehydration can sneak up on you and should not be taken lightly. If you’re looking for another way to cool off after an outdoor adventure, don’t forget there are a variety of ways to stay cool in Estrella.

Beat those mid-hike munchies with your favorite, easy to eat snacks. Snacks high in sugar might provide a brief pep in your step, but will quickly follow with an energy crash so it’s best to avoid these types of snacks all together. Instead opt for protein-packed goodies like fruit, nuts, protein bars, and sandwiches – all of which make excellent treats to enjoy while on the trial. And don’t forget, what you pack in you should always pack out, leaving no trace in the pristine desert wilderness of your presence.

When hiking through the Sierra Estrella Mountains, its common to see an array of wildlife and vegetation, so pack a camera with you to capture the moment forever! The mountain range and surrounding area is home to owls, hawks, hummingbirds, javelinas, cacti, and more.

Estrella Wildlife Pic 

Appropriate Apparel
Protect your body from the elements and stay cool and comfortable by wearing loose, light-colored hiking apparel. Hats and sunglasses are also great options to protect your eyes from the sun. Leave the flip-flops at home and wear comfortable closed-toe shoes to keep your feet safe and sound, nothing is worse than stubbed toe!

 Hiking Shoes


While it’s tempting to forgo sunscreen when the cooler weather arrives, skin protection is still important, even on cloudy days! Applying sunscreen that protects you from the sun’s harmful rays can help reduce the risk of skin cancer and prevents sunburns and early signs of skin aging. Don’t forget to use lip balm that contains sunscreen to protect your lips, an exposed part of the body many often overlook. Toss a small bottle in your backpack for quick reapplications mid-hike. 

First-Aid Supplies
Better to be safe than sorry, while we hope you have an enjoyable and safe trip, even the most careful travelers can lose footing or accidently get too friendly with a cactus. Pack a small first aid kit in your backpack, just in case. Items like band aids, gauze, medical tape, ibuprofen, and tweezers will prepare for you for any bumps along the trail.

contents of a first aid kit laid out on the floor. 

With miles of trails, acres of lakes, many community events like the Tour of Homes and Lakeside Farmers Market and more, Estrella residents truly have numerous ways to Live Life in Every Direction. Next time you’re on the trails, be sure to snap a photo and tag it with #LifeInEstrella or @EstrellaAZLife for an opportunity to be showcased on Estrella social media channels. Happy hiking!