Volunteer Opportunities Just Beyond Estrella


For shelters, nonprofits, and food banks, the holiday season is often one of the busiest. We’ve rounded up great volunteer opportunities for groups of all ages so you can give back to your community with the help of your friends and family.


Valley of the Sun United Way

As one of the largest community organizations in the state, Valley of the Sun United Way has been making an impact in Maricopa County since 1925. The organization aims to end poverty one dollar, volunteer hour, and bit of support at a time by providing meals, school supplies, and educational resources for those in need. Discover opportunities for you and your family by visiting vsuw.org to get started.


St. Mary’s Food Bank

Serving two-thirds of Arizona, St. Mary’s Food Bank is striving to alleviate hunger and encourages self-sufficiency, collaboration, advocacy, and education for local communities. The food bank distributes a staggering 250,000 meals per day on average and is always in need of volunteers. Assist on-site by organizing and packing food boxes, serving meals, and more. If you’re unable to volunteer in-person, organize a food drive at your work or school to help St. Mary’s keep their pantries stocked with non-perishable food items. Visit firstfoodbank.org to get involved today.


Goodyear Volunteer Program

Eager to make an impact right here in Goodyear? Join “Goodyear Gives Back,” a city-wide volunteer program and connect with fellow Goodyear residents lending their time and skills to assist with local events and community outreach programs like Volunteers in Police Services, Community Education Program, and more. Learn more at GoodyearAZ.org.


These are just a few organizations that will help you and your family get involved in the community and celebrate spirit of service.