The New Queen Anne’s Revenge Trail

By Estrella Trails Committee

Have you heard of Estrella’s Pirate-Up Trails? We “Estrellens” are so fortunate to have several distinct trail systems in our community that provide us with nearly 40 miles of trails. The trail system provides walking, running and mountain bike paths.

A while back, the Trails Committee received permission from Newland Communities to plan and install a trail across the hills on the east side of Estrella Parkway. Rather than build a trail that climbed up and shot down every peninsula on the mountain, our plan was to build a topographical trail that would climb to a certain elevation, and then run on a near level line across the hillside.

The Trail Crew would meet very early at Oasis Bagels before heading up the hill. The owner of the bagel shop would always ask, ‘where are you all doing trail work today?’ Someone would always point to the eastern hills and say, “up there!” Now, the Up There Trail” runs from Elliot south to Grasky Canyon behind the high school. It’s a spectacular trail that provides some awesome views across Estrella.

The “Eastern Trails” include the “Up There Trail” system which is all permanent trails approved by Newland. They all travel up, on, and over the hills east of the parkway. The trail names are descriptive of their terrain and/or intent. Then, also on the east side, you’ll find the “Pirate” Trails.

A new Pirate Trail is now available to explore thanks in large part to the newest Trails Community Member, Henry Brumbach. It’s a continuation of the “Up There Trail” that starts halfway up Grasky Canyon near the end of Up Yonder. The trail circles all the way around to join Jolly Roger out near the Regional Park fence line. It’s a carefully laid out trail that incorporates trees, landmarks, and boulders in the landscape. Nearly a mile in length, the trail was meticulously flagged, mapped, evaluated, adjusted, and scratched in with rakes. Then, in ONE DAY, 24 Estrella resident volunteers organized into six trail crew groups. Each was responsible for a section of the trail, and they worked until all the trail sections were joined. (Photo below) The new trail needed a pirate name, and since it was planned as a trail worthy of royalty, but with an “attitude”, it was dubbed “Queen Anne’s Revenge,” also known as “QAR”.

Interested in visiting Estrella trails? The Estrella Information Center has Pirate-Up Trail Maps, but Queen Anne’s Revenge is so new; it isn’t on the map yet. From our description though, you can no doubt find it and enjoy her revenge!