Fun Ways to Enjoy the Great Outdoors in Estrella

Estrella Trails

In Estrella, our residents are big believers in embracing opportunities to be outdoors, and many Estrella amenities help our residents do just that. One resident favorite is the Overlook Trail, a path created by the Estrella Trails Committee that connects into the extensive community-wide trail system of 40+ miles, providing steep and exciting pathways with spectacular views. Another favorite is the bicycle “pump track,” one of the hottest trends for cycling enthusiasts, and the first of its kind in the Southwest Valley. The pump track is part of Foothills Community Park and was completed by the City of Goodyear and West Valley Trails Alliance. It provides a continuous loop of smooth dirt mounds and berms that are ridden by bicyclists using a pumping motion to maintain speed without pedaling.

In addition, The City of Goodyear and West Valley Trails Alliance were the recipients of the 2015 Arizona Parks and Recreation Association’s Partnership Award. This award recognizes the collaborations of the public/private groups that have made significant contributions to the field of parks, recreation, and/or cultural services.
Estrella has been developed to embrace our natural desert surroundings and inspire residents to lead an active, healthy lifestyle. In addition to our lakes and more than 500 acres of parks and open space, the community paths and trails keep residents outside and on the go. The dedicated members of the Trails Committee pour their efforts into building and maintaining each trail as a service to the community and fellow residents. The committee, made up of resident volunteers, works to ensure the trails meet regulation standards and they physically install the trails themselves using rakes, pick-axes, pry-bars, and shovels to clear pathways entirely by hand – no motorized vehicles are used.

These are just a few new community additions that provide exciting new options for an active and healthy lifestyle. For more information on our entire lineup of outdoor activities and amenities please visit