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little kid dressed in oversized fireman uniform and hat

01 June . 2017

Local Business Spotlight: Goodyear Fire Department

As the managing developer of Estrella, we are thankful to have a community-oriented fire department protecting our residents. The Goodyear Fire Department serves Estrella through innovative emergency management, education programs, and commitment to the community. Discover below what these dedicated men and women do to help keep our residents safe.

Established in September of 1948, the Goodyear Fire Department is one of the city’s oldest civic organizations. When founded, the town of Goodyear had only been incorporated for two years, and was home to just 150 homes, 250 apartments, a grocery store, drug store, barber shop, beauty shop, and a service station. Both Goodyear and the fire department would rapidly expand in the years to come and offer Estrella and the rest of the surrounding community incredible safety and education.

The Goodyear Fire Department currently consists of six strategically-placed fire stations across the city and is led by Fire Chief Paul Luizzi. The department is considered an “all-hazard” agency. So, what does this mean for residents? For starters, the crew spends hundreds of hours training, and the stations are equipped with the latest technology to handle a variety of situations including medical emergencies, fire, hazardous materials, and emergency management.

Beyond just emergency services, the Goodyear Fire Department is committed to serving the community through various educational programs. These courses use presentations and demonstrations at local schools to teach youth about fire and life safety. These events help educate the importance of helmets, safety belts, water safety, and fire safety. The Goodyear Fire Department also hosts group training courses to teach proper hands-on CPR, safety seat usage, and more.

With a fire station located within Estrella, our master-planned community is fortunate to have a close relationship with members of the department. Firefighters and paramedics never miss an opportunity to offer residents tours of its fire trucks, equipment, and gear. The department also offers pre-scheduled tours of the fire station to those who are interested.

With a vibrant culture that values its past, sees present opportunities, and embraces challenges for the future, we look forward to the ongoing relationship between the Goodyear Fire Department and Estrella. The department’s continued dedication to Goodyear citizens is epitomized by the words, “Spirit of Service” written on the official patch worn by every member. For more information on the department and its programs, visit goodyearaz.gov/fire.