Estrella Residents Show Off Their Artsy Side

In the Estrella community, we encourage our residents to celebrate life in every direction, giving them opportunities to pursue a wide variety of passions and interests. The Estrella Art Gallery Committee invited Estrella artists to share their favorite works of fine art for exhibition in Presidio, the new residents club in Estrella. Ten artists were selected to showcase their work in this inaugural fine art show. Preview a few of the pieces below!

Lady Universe
Artist: Ialla Benefield
Title: Lady Universe
Acrylic on Canvas


Artist: Kristen Kohli
Title: Reina

Cactus Gathering
Artist: Patricia Burton
Title: Cactus Gathering

Under the Pier
Artist: Tracey Edwards
Title: Under the Pier


Gene and Old Tex

Artist: Mike Greenfield
Title: Gene (Left) and Old Tex (Right)
Pen, Ink and Watercolor (Left) and Graphite (Right)

Fanned Kona Hibiscus

Artist: Alice Slack
Title: Fanned Kona Hibiscus


Afternoon in the Desert
Artist: Simona Gocan
Title: Afternoon in the Desert
Acrylic on Canvas

Books and Pot
Artist: Dave Finley
Title: Books and Pot


Cowboy Chores

Artist: Harold Lyon
Title: Cowboy Chores (Left) and River Crossing (Right)
Oil on Board


Cactus at Sunset
Artist: Carol Fortier
Title: Cactus at Sunset

The Presidio art exhibit is just one of many ways the Estrella community empowers its residents to pursue their passions. Outdoor hobbyists love the 72 acres of lakes, 20+ miles of trails and the world-class, Nicklaus-design Golf Club of Estrella. Both of our residents clubs host regular classes and house 40+ social clubs, helping locals find others that share their interests. If you’re ready to live in a community designed around you, swing by our Information Center today!