Resident Spotlight: Michelle Porzelt


How long have you lived in Estrella?
My family and I are originally from Queens, New York, then in April 1995 we moved to Estrella and it has been a beautiful and wonderful place to grow up. I was part of the second graduating class of Estrella Foothills High School in 2006. I then went north to NAU for my English degree, and returned to Estrella in 2010 where I became a Zumba Instructor and started working at Oasis Bagels.

What inspired you to own your own business in Estrella and what does it mean to you?
My family and I have discussed owning our own business for years now. Combined with our catering, accounting, managerial experience and our love of good food and entertainment, owning our own restaurant always seemed like a natural fit for us. I started working for the original owners in 2010 when they opened Oasis Bagels, then continued my bagel adventure with new owners until I was presented the opportunity of owning what I considered my second home, I was honored with the offer and I immediately said yes. I have been blessed to learn from two sets of amazing owners. To me, Oasis Bagels means family, a place where customers are guests in our home, to share our love of quality food and some loud Italian flair.

What is your favorite thing about living in Estrella?
I’m a big fan of Gilmore Girls; I love Estrella because it’s our own Stars Hollow. A small, safe, relaxed, and fun community where either everyone knows each other, or it won’t be long till you do. People are eager to help each other when needed with overwhelming support, love, and generosity. We are a melting pot made up of all cultures and generations of kind and exciting people who know how to enjoy life with good friends and family.

How do you spend your free time?
When I’m not at the shop with my family and friends, then whether we are at home or out, we’re dancing, singing, eating, and laughing together. I try to spend every moment with my dogs at home, or hiking during the cooler months. You will usually find me jamming out to my 80’s music or cultural beats. Then, if I ever have a spare moment, I love reading fiction novels, and have even written a few short stories myself.

Thank you, Michelle, for bringing your passion to Oasis Bagels and helping make Estrella such an incredible place to live. If you know a resident that might be a perfect fit for our next spotlight, email us at