Current Pool Trends


If you’re aiming to take your backyard oasis to the next level, a stylish pool is a must-have. Check out some of the most in-demand features for 2017.

Vanishing Edges
Common at high-end resorts and gaining popularity at personal residences, vanishing edge or “infinity pools” are as unique as they are luxurious. This detail gives off the illusion that the flowing water vanishes into the horizon on one or more sides. Different from a conventional in-ground pool, an infinity pool features walls that come to water level rather than above it.

Unique Entries
If you’re eager to soak up the sun but prefer to lounge instead of diving in, sun shelves and beach entries are for you. Sun shelves offer a shallow deck in the pool that’s the perfect place for a lounge chair. They also make a great space for young children and pets to enjoy the pool. Beach entries work in a similar fashion, where instead of steps, the entrance to the pool begins at ground level then progressively slopes downward into the deep end.

Darker Colored Pool Surfaces
While light colored pool surfaces have been the staple of backyards for years, deep blues have seen a rise in popularity and are expected to become more common in 2017 and beyond. The darker hue makes a bold statement and adds dramatic flair to any pool. If your backyard oasis is already complete with a pool, resurfacing it will provide a fun update to your current backyard.

You can also up the backyard to the next level with energy-efficient LED lighting or consider switching a chlorinated pool to a salt water system, which will cut down the cost and time spent with pool chemicals. Any of these additions will take your backyard sanctuary to the next level and help you stay cool this summer!