3 Ways to Create Your Own “Smart” Home


Home technology has evolved vastly in the last decade and is becoming more and more user-friendly and accessible. Turn your Estrella residence into a smart home with any of these high-tech additions.

Smart Security - State-of-the-art security cameras, locks and smoke detectors have brought high-tech security to an affordable level. Many of these options allow home owners the ability to monitor and control their home security remotely, in real-time, with many brands offering seamless integration with existing home technology.

Smart Utilities – From advanced landscape watering systems to thermostats, smart utility systems are providing home owners ease of use and efficiency in their homes. These pieces of technology calculate the best use of your watering and HVAC systems to help lower costs for your residence.

Smart Lighting - “Smart bulbs” are some of the newest technology to hit stores. These advanced lighting options such as LIFX or Philips Hue allow you the ability to change the bulbs’ color and brightness via an app on a smart phone or tablet, giving you the power to set the mood for any occasion.

Adding technology to your Estrella home will get you on your way to living like the Jetsons. With a little research, you can find the gadgets that are right for your lifestyle, now all you need is for someone to invent self-cleaning floors, but the robotic vacuums are a good start.