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05 January . 2017

Put "Custom Home" in Your New Home Search

Looking for a house, but can’t seem to find one that fits your unique needs? Have you ever considered building a custom home, but ruled it out because you think it doesn’t fit within your budget?  With the competitive pricing in Estrella’s two custom home sites neighborhoods, you can expand your home search even further. Imagine building a custom home, where you choose your builder and personalize your home to make it entirely, beautifully, 100 percent you. 

We interviewed Estrella’s custom home expert, Certified Residential Specialist Stacia Meeker, who shared some of her best insights for navigating the custom homebuilding process.

What homework should people do who are considering building a custom home, before they come to your office?

“We have a lot of people who call us and don’t have a clear idea of the home features that are most important to them. You need to define in your mind why you want a custom house. For example, one of our current clients is building a home with two bathrooms branching off of the main bedroom so she and her husband could each have their own space. This was the specific floor plan need that was important enough to warrant a custom home for her.”

Builder, architect or the lot — which comes first?

“I recommend scoping out the lot as the first order of business. People will need to know if it’s big enough to accommodate their dream homes and where it's located in the context of the community and area. People also love to see what their views will look like and want to take some time to get a feel for the surrounding neighborhood.”

So, what’s next, the builder?

“Correct, next you want to interview builders. Connecting on a personal and professional level with a builder will put you at ease. The builder you select is just as important as any other choice in the custom home building process. The great thing about a custom home in Estrella is that you can bring in any licensed builder you want, or talk to the selection who have already built homes in the community. Builders will be able to tell you if the lot you’ve chosen will sustain your dream home; they can also refer you to architects with the skillset necessary to make your vision come to life.”

Tell us a little more about the custom home sites in Estrella

“We have two gated neighborhoods of custom home sites here — Sonoran Vistas and Hidden Hills. There are plenty of options to choose from that range in price from $40,000 to $100,000, with sites that are nearly half an acre and larger. The sites are unique in their own right, with panoramic views of the White Tank Mountains and city views to the north of Goodyear.

One great thing about these sites in particular is how ideally placed they are in the community. They are convenient to the entrance to Estrella, which is great for people who commute into the city. Also, they’re right next door to Mountain Ranch Marketplace, North Lake, and Starpointe Residents Club. So, basically, the hub of the community is in your backyard with these home sites.”

So, bottom line — why should anyone consider buying a custom home?

“Building custom just makes sense right now. With the way the housing market is in Phoenix, you’ll get the most choices and options you could ever want, to get the house that’s all you, if you go with a custom home.

Also, there are home features you can include in a custom home, like home automation, that you just won’t be able to get integrated into your home (just yet) from many production homes.

So, bottom line — If you’re not finding what you like, it’s time to consider going custom.”

For more information about the custom home sites in Estrella, visit: http://www.estrella.com/new-homes/custom-home-sites/