The Fastest Growing Game with a Funny Name


Yes, pickleball may sound like a game with a funny name, but it is the fastest growing sport in Estrella and in the United States! The sport now boasts more than 2.5 million players. Places to play have risen from 1,400 spots in 2013 to over 3,700 and growing in 2016 as reported by Pickleball Magazine.

The Estrella Pickleball Club has over 95 players with more residents joining every month. The club started on two tennis courts; however, as the club began to grow, four dedicated courts were added to South Lake Park. The Estrella Pickleball Club has come of age. A number of players have won gold, silver, and bronze medals at major tournaments. The club includes all levels of play: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

New players are always welcome and FREE basic pickleball lessons are available (paddles and balls are provided for the lesson). Come join the fun, but be warned: pickleball is highly addictive!!