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Estrella teen volunteer’s hands

23 August . 2017

Estrella’s Youth Volunteers


Life in Estrella comes with a strong sense of community, and our volunteers are a large part of what makes this community so great.  Inspired at a young age, we are proud to introduce some of our youth volunteers. 

Seth Filo-Estrella Foothills HS, age 17
“A life well spent is a life serving others. When I look back on my high school journey, my memory does not immediately retrace itself to the many tests I was given, the school assemblies, or lunch with friends. Instead, it harkens back to the time I have spent within my local community, doing everything I can to make a positive impact on those around me. Within my school experience, I have donated over 900 hours of my time to help my town, school and state,“ Seth tells us.

Peyton Stuewe-Eagle College Preparatory, Age 12
Peyton engages in volunteer opportunities with multiple organizations. She loves to volunteer because she knows she is making a difference in the lives of others, especially when working at the food banks. The impression Peyton has of volunteering is that it makes her very aware of how fortunate she is and to be thankful while giving back. She loves to volunteer and wok with kids. Once Peyton started volunteering, she was hooked. She enjoys meeting different people she volunteers with such as other students or winter visitors.

Volunteer Experience

  • St Mary’s Food Bank -packing food for “Kids Café” , providing food to at risk youth in the Phoenix area.
  • “Feed my Starving Children”, packing food for children in undeveloped countries
  • City of Buckeye pool- 10 hours assisting with children’s swimming classes; she loves to work with kids
  • Eagle College Preparatory Honor Society- Peyton has organized fundraisers for South Mountain Campus for Compassion (Humane Society) and Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Peyton’s career goal is to someday be a pediatric nurse at Phoenix Children’s hospital.

Rebecca Anderson-Estrella Foothills HS, Age 17
“Rebecca (Becca) Anderson is a senior and the student body president of Estrella Foothills High School. She is also in the student council, drama club, skills USA, National Honor Society and the Coexist Club. She is well-respected and a huge role model to her fellow students. She has given countless hours to the student government program at her school, planning and working at school events and representing Estrella Foothills to the best of her ability since her sophomore year,” says Estrella Foothills High School Social Studies Department Chair and student body advisor, Matt Lees, who nominated Becca for this publication.

“I think volunteering has been a significant part of my life since I was 11 or 12. I’ve always been into being part of a community and supporting those around me, whether I’m giving a monetary donation, or giving time to others. The things that I volunteer for are always subjects that I feel deeply about. In the future, I hope to study communications and journalism. I feel that this field is important for all of us because we learn through communication with one another and from sharing stories. When working with others, I’ve heard a lot of powerful storied that have helped shape me. Telling stories and sharing them professionally sounds like the most perfect fit for me,” Becca said.

Ian Kohli-Estrella Foothills HS, Age 17
“Ian Kohli is one of our school's student government officers. He is the student body treasurer, but he is also involved in in so much more! He is in the engineering club, Interact Club, Student Council, National Honor Society, Skills USA, and marching band. He does so much, along with the hours he gives to marching band (this year he is the drum major), and still receives great grades in school, “ Estrella Foothills High School Social Studies Department Chair and Student Body Advisor, Matt Lees ( Who nominated Ian for this publication.)

Volunteer Experience

  • National Junior Honor Society, helping senior residents with their landscaping
  • NASCAR events at Phoenix International Raceway-Volunteer for three years
  • Annual Buckeye Halloween Carnival Concessions volunteer
  • City of Goodyear- “Make a Difference Day”, repainting fire hydrants, and more. Adopt-a-road-program volunteer
  • Interact Club-Andre House, preparing meals for the homeless.
  • Feed My Starving Children-Packaging food for benefit those in need

Ian would like to focus on a career centered on some type of engineering. He is beginning to prepare his college applications and MIT is his first choice. Ian says, “I like volunteering because it’s an opportunity to help other people in the world and reach out to my community. I think that volunteering at this time in my life will make me think more about volunteering in the future and make me more likely to behave in a way that would benefit others.“

Avery Perez-Westar Elementary, age 11
“Hi My name is Avery Perez and I’m 11 years old. I will be starting fifth grade in just three weeks! I love living in Estrella and helping people and volunteering. I have volunteered many times, from helping the homeless to volunteering at my church.” Avery said.

Volunteer Experience

  • River City Church- Thanksgiving dinner outreach. In 2016 700 people were fed. Christmas outreach for foster and homeless kids who otherwise many have not received presents on Christmas day. 25 families and over 75 kids served last year.
  • In 2016-Back to school outreach for Avondale teachers and students (school supplies, books, backpacks, and office supplies). This campaign begins for the new school year and she is very excited to participate. Avery also helps her mom clean and take care of the church.
  • Outreach for the homeless- Avery founded Red Box Ministries. “I Use a little red cappuccino box and fill it with personal care items, a granola bar, and some hard candy. I hand these out to the homeless any chance I get!”
  • IHELP-‘-Making meals for the homeless. “They stay at our church every other Saturday night. I love to bring my Red Boxes and visit with them,“ Avery said.

“I love being a part of an outreach church because I have so many chances to volunteer. I love to volunteer because I love when I help somebody smile or laugh. Thank you for letting me share my story about why I love to volunteer!” Avery said.

Hailey Columbia-Estrella Mountain Elementary, age 13
“I have volunteered for many years at Estrella Mountain Elementary. First, I was required to volunteer because of my membership with the the National Junior Honor Society. But then I realized I just like doing it!” Hailey said.

Volunteer Experience

  • Estrella Mountain Elementary: L.E.A.P- An after school program with activities for kids like cooking, entertainment, and homework. Assisted with a star gazing school event, and helped advise new students wanting to enroll in the new academy, and helped an eighth grader with her end of year presentation.
  • Civitan Foundation- A place where learning help is available for people with disabilities.

“My mom works at Civitan Foundation so I get to help out often, especially during this time of year. I have helped Civitan clients with artwork, cooking class and other projects. People go there for help to learn to cook, draw, dance and much more! To me, volunteers are amazing and their work inspires me. In their own free time, volunteers help people- which is not something everyone is willing to do," says Hailey.

Special thanks to all of these great kids who help make Estrella so special!