A Community Committed To Conservation


This year’s national Earth Day campaign focuses on education and how increasing knowledge and awareness is a key factor in protecting the environment. Our very own City of Goodyear is a great supporter of conservation education and has several programs already in place to support Estrella residents in their efforts to be good stewards of our natural resources.

In addition to offering written materials, the Goodyear Public Works department provides schools with tools and resources for teaching hands-on math and science lessons related to measuring precipitation, irrigation, energy, and rates of change. The sanitation staff brings conservation to the classroom with 30-minute recycling and waste reduction presentations that can be tailored by grade level and teaching objectives. Not just for students, Goodyear offers free adult water conservation classes throughout the year as well as water campus tours, workshops, and more.

In Estrella, we pride ourselves on supporting our builders in their commitment to going green through a variety of ecofriendly materials, construction methods, and options that increase a home’s energy efficiency such as solar panels and high-performance appliances. Mountain Ranch Marketplace is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certified and the recently opened Presidio was built using sustainable materials and construction processes.

“We understand that great communities are more than just a few roads or a single neighborhood, they are created from the ground up,” said Bill Olson, Senior Vice President and Division Manager for Newland Communities. “We are devoted to not only preserving the geographic integrity of our surroundings, but integrating them into the community.”

With nearly 50 years of community development experience, Newland Communities has always looked for ways to protect and restore the land we develop, preserving or improving areas of natural topography, and integrating them within the community plan itself. We strive to be respectful of our surroundings, while providing wholesome living opportunities for our residents. As your managing developer, Newland Communities is proudly committed to maintaining the sustainability of Estrella. As we celebrate Earth Day this April 22, we urge our residents to join us in our commitment to protect our environment. To learn more about initiatives provided by the City of Goodyear, visit the Public Works Department page at goodyearaz.gov.