Resident Spotlight: Ed and Darnell Blanchard

For the last 16 years, Ed Blanchard has been a resident in Estrella. He and his wife of 54 years, Darnell, love everything about their experience here. They enjoy the natural beauty, such as the serene lakes and parks. Their favorite pastime is to walk together through the parks and trails. They have also made many friends because of the community’s strong focus on building bonds between residents through social events and monthly get-togethers.

“The beautiful landscape, outstanding amenities, and the wonderful people, management, and residents give off a very welcoming spirit,” said Blanchard. “We experienced the support, spirit of friendship, and strong sense of community even before we moved here. We shopped around but ultimately decided that Estrella offered everything my wife and wanted.”

Blanchard decided to settle down in Estrella as a result of his time spent stationed at Luke Air Force Base prior to his retirement. He lived in Arizona for 14 years before deciding to settle in Estrella. He has witnessed the growth and prosperity of Estrella, including new neighborhoods, the development of the trail systems, and the opening of Mountain Ranch Marketplace. However, what Blanchard appreciates the most is that despite the growth and change, the camaraderie and neighborly spirit remains strong and undisturbed. Estrella has been the perfect place for Blanchard and his wife to settle down after his decorated military service.